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Would it be possible for our BOs to have a priority list? The priority list being what actions I want my BO to take upon entering combat.

The priority list comprises of all possible abilities the BO can use with a rank assigned to each ability. (This includes secondary weapon abilities and passive skills)

For example: my Orion BO abilities include seduce, phaser turret fabrication I and III, mine barrier I, and medical generator, dual pistol shot and spray setting.

The priority list; rank 1-7 would look like
Phaser turret fab III
Medical generator
Spary setting
Phasor turret fab I
Mine barrier -
Dual pistol shot

My orion would always use seduce when the cd is up,if seduce is on cd then she would then use phaser turret III, if this ability is on cd, she would continue down the list until she reached the regular gun shot which will always fire being on a 1 second cd.

Shouldn't be too hard to code and this is atleast a work around to having BO abilities cluttering up the main players ground tray.

Decent idea or do I need to stop thinking up weird ideas?
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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01-18-2011, 05:35 PM
Just a quick addition to the idea. STO could keep the current GUI which would allow the player to "override" an ability. Meaning that the ability that the player chooses will get top priority, that is until used then the rotation returns to normal.

Disclaimer: Sorry guys, that last sentence was a gong show, but the main idea is understandable.
And I know that this is a "what if" idea... Not at all expecting this to be implemented.

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