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01-20-2011, 08:43 PM
long intro to the question sorry

between the NX and ncc-1701 theres 80 years, 1701 to 1701 b theres 40 years, 1701 B to D theres 40 years, D to E 10 years.... these ships often much more advanced (and normally bigger) than the last. but STO (30 years after 1701 E) is still using 50 year old retrofits at max level (some even older), so my question;

will the theoretical tier 6 ships be new cryptic design, more advanced, pre-fitted with borggy goodness? or will they be slightly better than the tier 5 ships, with some canon ships to keep the RPers happy? or will they be our choice, our builds?
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01-20-2011, 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by Fractal_Eye
And, of course, the absolutely most important question of them all:
  • When will we get our Porthos pets?!
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01-20-2011, 09:24 PM
Thanks again for taking our questions.

Will you please add a dynamic display of our shield regeneration and damage resistance levels to the UI? Details available here:Mini-Games:
  • Can we please have a High Roller Dabo? Some place where we can gamble more than 300EC per spin? 3,000-30,000 per spin would be preferred. This would be an ideal addition to The Captain's Table.
  • When do you exect to get Poker working in our Ship's Interior? Do you expect this to be a solitaire only game (vs. the computer - Ideally we could see our BOs at the table!) or will we also be able to play against other players? What flavor of Poker should we expect? Draw, Stud, Texas Hold'em? How about a choice?
  • Is 3D Chess planned for the future?
  • Will Ground PvP (and/or PvE?) Dueling ever be enabled on Andoria?
Klingon Clothing needs some work, and I'm sure it's coming. When you get into it, can you look into these specifics:Can you look into the Engineer Captain Power Orbital Strike:Can we have some Accolades associated with Crafting?Can you give us any info on the "Unruly Roost - Defeat the Borg Tactical Cube" Story Accolade mentioned here:And lastly:
Since Graviton Science Consoles give a Tractor Beam skill buff, why is it that Positron Deflector Arrays, instead of Graviton Deflector Arrays, give a bonus to Tractor Beam skill? (And can this some how be corrected?)

Thanks again for your time.
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01-20-2011, 09:27 PM
Will we be getting new player races for the KDF?

When will we finally get the Gorn Updates?

What other player races are in the works? (Besides Talaxian, Android, Hologram, Aenar)

Will Letheans ever get their own costume set, or racial ship?

Any plans for non-humanoid player races? or even enemy groups? (beside Undine & Tholian)
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01-20-2011, 09:41 PM
According to your own survey here only 7% of players care about Exploration, 4% care about Ground Combat and a mere 2% care about PvP.

Yet despite this you've spent time improving Exploration missions, Season 4 is supposed to be a big Ground Combat revamp and Season 5 is supposed to be a big PvP revamp.

So my question is: Why is it ok to ignore the 12% of your customers that play KDF side and want more PvE content, but spend time focusing on something that only 4% or 2% of your customers care about?
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01-20-2011, 09:43 PM
When can we expect to see A new level Cap?
I know there's a comp for the new enterprise, But could we see some screens, or a comp for escort or science class ship's?
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01-20-2011, 09:48 PM
-First Officer: OK this is a feature I have wanted since day one. Will we ever get a First Officer that we can either switch playing from the Captain to he (the FO will command an away team) or at least be able to assign one of our BO's a FO's and give him a few extra abilities?
-Commodore Title? Any chance of adding "Commodore" as either a reward or a purchasable title in game? Useable only after RA has been reached.
-Native lifeforms: What happened to the ambient creatures for planets? And make them agro on us too sometimes! Give us an extra challenge when we have to scan some rocks!
-Natives How about when we do beam down to a planet, perhaps we are captured by the local people and we have to negotiate our way out, sticking with the Prime Directive?
-Better Tricorder/sensor readings? Another feature I have wanted since day one, better use of our Tricorders and scanners to give us information instead of merely pointing the way?
-Ships Doctor/Chief Engineer Not sure if the new Crew system will take care of this or not, but I still want a CMO and CE on my ship to preform miracles!
-Tribble breading lab? We really need a better way of breeding these things and why not use our ships lab to do it at?
-More functions for ships interior? And speaking of Labs, will there be any place on the ship we can actually do something beneficial to the ship?
-Commanding from the bridge? Of course we all want this to be able to command from the bridge. Just thought I'd toss that out there!
Disable enemy ships option: Can we (Feds) get an option to be able to disable enemy ships instead of always blowing them up?
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01-20-2011, 09:52 PM
What is the fastest animal in the world?
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01-20-2011, 09:53 PM
Exploration space.

1. will we be seeing changes to exploration space soon or is that further down the road? So far you have mentioned making planets look like planets and anomalies look like anomalies as well as a mention of creating dailies for the sectors. Can you shed any more light on which direction you want to go with the exploration sectors?
  • A. I think there are about 13-14 exploration sectors. One of the problems we have now is that the quests you play in Delta Volanis is what you play in each and every other exploration sector, just with new aliens. Do you have a plan to give each sector its own individuality and missions unique to that that sector?
  • B. Will you revamp the current quests or just nuke em all?
  • C. I might just be unlucky but I almost always get the confront enemy ships quest in the exploration sectors. Space combat is great and all but this just doesn't seem very exploration like. I don't know who some of these races re and why I am killing them. Outside the exploration space we have a war. Any chance of leaving most of the violence for those places? I understand that conflict is a part of TREK but is there any plans to tone it down a bit for these sectors?
  • D. I like the idea of creating a "weekly series" like quest chain for each exploration sector that defines that sector. Kind of like how the Breen series defined the Orellius Sector block. Maybe in addition to a weekly series you can release a Monthly Exploration sector quest. Each month come up with a new quest chain. Like the first month do one for the Delta Volanis that will set the tone for that sector. Then next month do one for Arucanis Arm and so forth. Then letting the foundry authors fill it up with guests that might fit in better for these places. Any plans for a system like that to help revamp these places?
  • E. Will you be opening up all exploration sectors to KDF?

Ground Combat

Recently I played the Q quest in the Gamma Orionis and realized just how bad it can be. Wave after wave after wave of Borg that took at least 30 hits each to kill. And this is on normal mode. This made for the quest to become boring and tedious very fast. I could not wait for it to be done with. That is not how someone should feel after a quest. They should feel like they cant wait to do it again. It is if if the game engine thinks of them as ships with humanoid skins. Slower paced "tall ship" combat is perfect for space. It does not work for ground combat.

Is there plans in the upcoming ground combat revamp to make ground missions move a little faster. Like making it possible to kill an enemy faster? If so can you divulge any info on how?


Any plans to make a mid level STF? Like say at Commander? This might be a good way to introduce players to this type of game play so the know what to expect when the start infected.

How will the new ground combat system effect STF's?
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01-20-2011, 10:03 PM
i'm a lvl VA1 and at the moment the only way i can do patrol missions is to wait for some1 of a lower lvl to get into these missions !! i know this is a mmo & your tyring to do different things for STFs but is there some how you could set up an in game fleet with minimum rules as so all of us non fleet people can join and leave at will ,because like so many others being in a different time zones and hours we work or don't a normal fleet is to restricted. Seeing as ground combat is being redone what about having a seperate skill tree from the space one with different points for both and points can only be allocated to the skill wheres you gaind the points, ground/space?
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