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# 1 Storyline HELP!!!!
01-20-2011, 06:31 PM
Requesting assistance...

Hello all, I need some help in my storyline /story-arc. I currently have two missions published on the Foundry, The Regula Incident, and Dead Moon Rising, a storyline that involves Miranda Singh (the granddaughter of an alternate universe Khan), and the Genesis Device. In the first mission, a rouge Klingon House helps Miranda steal some vital information from the newly created "Genesis" cave, and in the second you discover that the Klingons were merely a pawn in her ultimate plan to develop the technology with the Romulan's as a mean to rebuild their lost world and exact revenge on the Federation.

Well that's kind of where my story arc drops off...

Dead Moon Rising ends as your mission to sabotage the devices and corrupt the data the Romulan's have on the Genesis, fails.

I don't know if this should mean the Romulan's have an incredible new weapon
Or if you should go on a massive attack mission to destroy this technology
Or if diplomatic channels should be opened
Or if Romulan usage of this technology leads to more problems for them than solutions....

Anyone have any ideas????
Should i even continue this storyline????

Any feedback would be appreciated
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# 2
01-20-2011, 08:01 PM
Since David Marcus' exact info on how the protomatter was deployed within the Genesis Device was a secret he took with him to the grave...your scientists will be -- at best -- making educated guesses and at worse, silly wild-arse guesses about where and how much protomatter needs to be incorporated or called upon to even attempt to replicate the *failed* Genesis Device, let alone arrive at a functioning model.

My guess of the next sequence of events is that they get something together that they *think* will work and try it out on some moon or other dead body.

Let's say their design initially appears to be more stable, but what ends up happening *this time* is that the protomatter decays causing a geometrically cascading matter conversion (instead of a gradual geophysical break down like in STIII)

The matter conversion process would be described like this by the science officer(s):

"Captain, scans of (new genesis planet) reveal fluctuating entropic gravity and a geometrically increasing Bremsstrahlung, or deceleration radiation."

What does that mean?

"The protomatter is renormalizing, causing the Immirzi parameter of the planet's quantum mass to tune to the quantum horizon of normal space instead of that imposed by the protomatter."

Of course if you happened to be on the surface in an area where this high energy release matter conversion would be beyond if where you were standing was suddenly the surface of the sun...and then just as suddenly was inchoate matter.

Do with that what you will.

References (RL terms used to "spice" the science talk): (particularly the "Interpretation" section)
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# 3
01-21-2011, 09:24 AM
I say add in some Chronoton particles to the mix. By adding in a Temporal Matrix to slow down the Protomatter instability they could not only generate a new world but may even be able to ressurect the Romulan homeworld as it was: ie create a temporal copy.

The results, however are disastrous, resulting in a planet caught inside a temporal loop of it's own creation matrix with the Romulan Homeworld being born and dying over and over again. Your own chance as captain is to beam onto the planet hours before it'll be resurrected again(after it goes boom a second time) and destroy the Genesis device at the heart of the lab that was build into the monument thus ending the temporal genesis effect matrix.
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# 4
01-21-2011, 09:47 AM
I like LordDave's idea, but id like to suggest an expansion to his idea.

Not only do you have to shutdown the Genesis device that is causing the temporal anomaly, you also have to deal with a moral question.

Once you get to the device, you discover a way to make it work 'as intended'. In other words, you hold the power to resurrect billions of lives. You then have to make the decision whether to follow your original plan and destroy the device, or correct the problem and save Romulus. You'd bring in elements like considering Romulus as the homeworld of a hostile empire, but also your duty to protect innocents a a starfleet officer, which then also clashes with your duty to the temporal prime directive.

If we dont have branching mission options in foundry by time you build to this point, you could make it so that no matter what you do, the planet would still not be brought back. Perhaps by interference from a 3rd party, like section 31.
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# 5
01-21-2011, 11:29 AM
The Chronotons are a good addition.

But once the device is employed it would be a little late to try to get to it, after all from what we know of the device it is consumed once it begins building its matrix. The planet would cycle through various states of existence and with the protomatter *and* chronotons involved -- perhaps even various states of alternate existences would become involved too -- at one point forming a Romulus from different times/places/realities before re-consuming itself.

Going back to what I added before, at first witnessing the new effect the Science officer would say: "The protomatter is renormalizing, causing the Immirzi parameter of the planet's quantum mass to tune to the quantum horizon of normal space instead of that imposed by the protomatter."

Then the planet would consume itself leaving a mass of inchoate matter (nebula and junk)

The Science officer would say "Captain! Sensors indicate massive Chronoton emmissions from... "

Suddenly another Romulus pops up in its place!

The Science officer could theorize: "Chronotons must have been included in the matrix in an attempt to stabilize the Genesis effect. The quantum mass of the planet matrix is not being tuned to the quantum horizon of normal space, but to random quantum horizons from across the time continuum. We are seeing Romulus from different times, different realities, being brought into existence and snuffed out."

This opens the door to all kinds of fun and games...Mirror Universe Romulans, other Alternate Reality Romulans, Borg-Romulans, Dominate Reman Romulan realities, Romulans from the past, from the *FUTURE* (maybe there is a reconstituted Romulus in the future!)...from Alternate reality futures where the Genesis worked too! -- basically anyone who could have a stake in the matter and can figure out how to get to the problem source would try to get involved.

I think you could do this without "time travel" by making the Romulus loop "a bubble"...a continuum to itself that is impacting all the others (and thus drawing in anyone who has an interest in stopping the problem of their Romulus going through these same cycles--basically every Romulus across all existences is experiencing the same thing!)

How you could do this:

Map 1) Player warps in to Romulus Debris location, but just missed stopping them launch their Genesis Device

Map 2) All the ships from Map 1, plus a "New" Romulus

Map 3) Romulus is wrecked creating nebula and debris - All ships still present. (Copy of Map 1)

Map 4) Romulus is "back" again, etc. (Copy of Map 2)

Map 5) Romulus Debris (Copy of Map 1, but now you have a gazillion of different players involved from across realities...fighting to destroy the Device...fighting each other to stop the destruction of the device, etc, etc. This would basically be a max fleet action involving mostly Romulans/Remans maybe BorgRoms, and throw in some Mirror types, etc.
In this map the launching ship is destroyed before it can fire the Device, preventing the loop and collapsing the self-continuum bubble.

Everything is back as it should be, flowers and candy.
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01-21-2011, 05:54 PM
I am definetly glad i asked cause i had never consider that possiblity before! If no one has any objections i would really like to try and incorporate these ideas and a few of my own (giving due credit to everyone in the notes). I have some free time this weekend and will get done as much as i can. Thanks all! And keep the ideas coming please!
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01-22-2011, 12:35 AM
If we minded we wouldn't have posted

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