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I have been playing since the start of STO last Feb. As such I have reached the level of VA1 and my BOFFS are all at commander level 9. My question is when do we get ships consoles that are commander level or higher across the board? In my opinion a console level should advance in level just as the bridge officer using it. We train our officers and then are limited to console levels on what skills they can use. Thus making our bridge officers training useless.
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01-21-2011, 07:07 AM
You'll never see a ship with bridge officer stations that are all Commander. The reason we can promote BOs to Commander is for ground combat, which is the only place all the BOs can use all their abilities.

In space it is limited for a few reasons. I don't know the official reasons but this is what I think

1) In Star Trek you never have an all Commander bridge crew.
2) There is a limited number of space in the shortcut tray.
3) Allows for easier balancing between different ship types.

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