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# 1 Legacy of a Martyr
01-21-2011, 08:22 AM
Alright, I've finally finished my first foundry submission. I was actually going to release yesterday, but with the new patch, some of the Reman and romulan NPC assets have changed, along with some starfleet ones. Which btw, i would direct people check out in the foundry, if they're interested as to the new models we'll be seeing in the 3rd weekly series starting on the 27th.

Putting that aside....
Legacy of a Martyr, Episode 1.
This new series involves Praetor Shinzon from Nemesis, and what he left behind. Here is a copy-paste from the mission description...

A band of Reman dissidents have agreed to allow you mediate negotiations between them and the Romulan Star Empire. But are their intentions really benign?

Any and all feedback is appreciated. Be as critical as you like. Being my first submission, i expect it may be rough around the edges, but i'll have to improve in the future if im to do this series.

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