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Has there been any talk about klingon "diplomacy"?

The klingons variant would not be called diplomacy but "subjugation (SXP)" or something to that nature. Klingons would gain subjugation xp from the below lists.

Anyways, here is the breakdown

Fed vs. Klingons
1. Scan minerals, plants, probes.....Minerals, plants, probes can be tagged for beam up
2. Scan anomaly cluster mission.....Raid a transport
3. Aid the planet.....Threaten the planet (klingon variants could be explosives, crop killers, etc...)
4. First contact......Tactical invasion: lead a conquering force by choosing what it should do. (invade, retreat, what area to attack, where to fortify....this is all determined by the player but an "adviser" will provide tactical information) retreat will obviously give the minimal amount of SXP or none at all.


Tier 1 Bekk
* 160 Diplomatic XP required
* Accolade "Bekk"
* "Bekk" title
* Access to Subjugation star cluster missions

Tier 2 Qas Devwi
* 400 Diplomatic XP required
* Accolade "qas Devwi"
* "Qas Devwi" title
* Transwarp Drive (Klingon base/sector space)

Tier 3 Brigadier

* 720 Diplomatic XP required
* Accolade "Brigadier"
* "Brigadier" title
* Access to Tactical invasion missions in star clusters
* Receive first Tactical invasion Mission
* Transwarp Drive (Klingon starbase/sector space warp)
* Grant Subjugation protection (Let other ships know that you are under protection of a great conqueror)

Tier 4 Conqueror

* 1360 Diplomatic XP required
* Accolade "Conqueror"
* "Conqueror" title
* Access to Ceremonial sash/Conqueror garments
* Access to a single bridge officer candidate from an enemy faction (This candidate has defected/been brainwashed/something that made it acceptable by the kdf
* Special voting rights on some base to select subjugation envoys for periodic visits (They stole their tokens from the fed envoys )
* Transwarp Drive (Klingon base/sector space warp)

I think I covered everything, almost the same as the fed's but not quite.

Disclaimers: I am unsure how many star bases Klingons have so perhaps they can warp to the center of a static sector?
I am not a Star trek buff, so I pulled the ranks out of google searches(sorry if they are wrong or inappropriate)
Just a suggestion, no need to even acknowledge this thread, but would be cool if someone did

Maybe there could be a pvp option where a fed player defends while a klingon player invades the same planet? Just an idea
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01-21-2011, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by Acceleron
OP post
Good idea, simple, yet effective.

I like it!
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01-21-2011, 01:21 PM
Originally Posted by KazumaKat
Good idea, simple, yet effective.

I like it!
Thanks man, at least someone does.

P.S. I could probably do most of this with the current foundry so it isn't too far fetched for implementation, but whatever; an idea is just that until someone uses it.
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01-21-2011, 01:58 PM
hmm i kinda asked for it yesterday...

so i did read your post...

there are only 2 Bases for the KDF in this game (i don't think there is any canon source of how many bases any of the factions realy have, but o would guess anything from 200 - 500, so we will never see that many in the game. Only the federation starbase numbers are known to a point at Memory Alpha. ).

Quo'nos and Ganalda Station
we allready have a Transwarp to Quo'nos
so that leaves only Ganalda Station.

in theory we could also add a Transwarp to that Devidian Series station (what's the name again?)... but that is a neutral Station and in the same sector block as Ganalda, i'd rather see some new Base in the Pi'Canis sector that just got opened up for the KDF.

But i certainly want to see Catian and Trill BO'ffs in Orion Slave Girl outfits as a Reward of that system ;P
or Ferengi and Tellarites in Nausicaan Armors ;P
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01-21-2011, 02:44 PM
This is just my take on a klingon diplomacy system. I tried to make the system closely resemble the federation's (so coding would be way more easier then starting from scratch. This way the frame can be copied from the federation's.)while adding some twists to make it unique. I felt like I achieve that.

Right now I am feeling that this is a really good idea but the klingon faction would rather have something else so there just isn't enough interest to make a variant of this happen.
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02-28-2011, 06:43 PM
Sounds great! I like the idea of choosing how to invade or the choice of tactics.
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02-28-2011, 06:58 PM
they could add it in anyway... then once we get more klingon sector blocks... add in a few stations... boom done
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02-28-2011, 07:38 PM
Transwarp to Ty'Gokor
Transwarp to Rura Penthe

I think Rura Penthe should have some part in these missions. Perhaps they can move the planet out a little bit?

I would like to see a different reward than Enemy BOff though. Maybe some kind of Kronos One paint job for our ship. It could give it some kind of diplomatic look with all the red and gold. As for the uniform I would suggest this uniform, cape and sash.

As for titles I would like to see Disinformation Officer, Military Governor, Imperial Overseer and Imperial Ambassador.
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02-28-2011, 07:46 PM
Like your idea, seems easy for the Devs to implement. As long as they never make a true "diplomatic" option for the Klinks, which I'm pretty sure they never will!
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02-28-2011, 07:46 PM
I like this and I hope an idea like this goes through.

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