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I know there are a ton of threads on ground combat and how busted it is so I thought I would provide some feedback/thoughts on game mechanics that can improve and enhance the ground section of the game so it won't seem so cumbersome/boring.

1) Improved threat control : It is my understanding that Tactical Captains as well as Tactical Boffs have only one threat generating skill (Draw Fire I,II and III) and it is a very short lived buff. Now, it generates a ton of threat for a total of 2 seconds but after that, it is a useless skill. I think this skill would be better served to generating extra threat (50 to 75%) for a longer duration (say a 10 to 15 second time span). That way, you won't have sci/eng/yourself pulling 1 to 4 mobs after just a shot or two. This will make Tac Boffs more viable and actually allow them to fulfill their role. Also, another threat generating/control skill for Tac wouldn't be a bad idea either.

2) Melee combat preference : I really don't understand why most mobs PREFER to get within melee range. In a game set 400 years in the future where everyone is using energy ranged weapons, why would u wanna run thru all the shots being fired in combat to hit someone with a melee weapon. Even worse is some mobs engage u in melee range just to fire their energy weapons at you. I think this particular component makes ground combat seem more busted than it is. If this was addressed, it might make it seem more fluid/realistic considering the timeline this game takes place in.

3) Over-powered mobs : Yes, I am referring to the dreaded Klingon Swordmaster and all the other mobs that engage u at point blank range and proceed to dismantle you. Bosses or mini-bosses I get bu8t these guys are usually not alone (I have seen them mixed in with mobs containing 6 to 7 other mobs) so not only are u dealing with a humanoid wrecking machine, but also his buddies that just add insult to injury. I think the damage output/toughness of these mobs need to be addressed to make it more balanced. And yes, I know Borg are supposed to be tough but I think they are a lil ridiculous at times as well.

4) Consistent Boff Numbers : I have seen on many occasions where Boffs just don't seem to put up decent numbers in either damage or healing/buffing/de-buffing. Now, I do put numbers in my crew ground skills (usually 6 to 7) so they will perform well but the numbers don't seem reliable. Tac Boffs should do decent damage if not good damage with 7 points in Tactical Officers yet at times their damage just seems to trickle in. Adjustment to these numbers could make ground combat take a lot less time and seem more in line with the mechanics/time of space combat.

5) Fun : Ground combat (due to the above mentioned points) just isn't as fun as space combat. Now, I know it's called STAR Trek, not GROUND Trek, but if it's going to be a major component of the game, then is should be equally fun and tweaked. Also, it is my opinion that the skill rewards for ground combat are well behind that of space combat. For the time invested in a ground mission, the skill point rewards for each mob are way too low. With it not being very fun at this point, lack of sufficient reward is just adding salt to the wound.

In closing, these are just a few of my thoughts on how Cryptic an adjust/tweak ground combat to make it a viable and exciting part of the STO game experience.

I look forward to hearing what u all have to say.

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