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I don't know if this has been spoken about before, but My brother and I find it VERY annoying.

While I am not so sure how some people play, there are some of us who like to maneuver and find tactical positions while in ground combat. This often includes finding my way to higher ground and painstakingly trying to find inventive ways to jump there. So when I do get up to this high ground and initiate combat, within seconds the enemies are practically flying up to get me. I have had Borg jump up at least 20-30 meters to hit me as well as any other imaginable foe leaping great distances to reach my position.

Is this just something that was never looked at or is there some purpose to it?

I think that when the new free aim combat system comes out this problem will be even worse and more noticeable.

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01-13-2011, 03:48 PM
Ahhhh yes super leaping mooks.... Even way back in the City of Heroes days mooks were able to jump to the top of sky scrapers to fight you, which was annoying as all get out when your a squishy blaster trying to run away... They eventually fixed that and the mooks would just chase you for a certain distance, meaning they wouldnt super leap to the tops of sky scrapers anymore they would take the stairs up only so far and then give up.

The logic behind super leaping mooks is that it works and is easy... and by works I mean that the enemies are not going to just give up trying to murder/maim/destroy you they will do everything in their power to get to you and not be fish in a barrel. So the only way to fix that is have it so that any place you can go they can get there better.

In my opinion this does need to be fixed, perhaps add a climbing animation and slow their movement up the cliff by 70% or more. But when the new targeting system comes online enemies AI's should also be updated to make them take cover or to pull out ranged weapons or again the idea of climbing.

My name sake Thunderchase back in city of heroes feels your pain.:p
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01-22-2011, 12:57 AM
On certain maps they don't even need to be aware of you to leap about like mad crickets. Just following a path through cargo containers can lead to bouncing mobs.

Then there's the klingons in the Breaking the Planet mission that can leap from the ground to the high fortified position without taking the rock stairs....

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