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Hi guy's

See Post 2 For Episode 1 Update.

Just thought i would make a post inviting you all to play my first mission, "Lost In Time 'Episode 1 Prelude'". As the title suggest's, it is simply a short prelude mission a bit like the introduction chapter you get before the Intro credits start in TNG, so it is not a full epsiode mission and as such it can be completed in around 30mins or less. I do Intend to add to the mission to make it a full episode mission, but as foundry is still only on tribble am unsure whether to wait for foundry to go live on Holodeck first. Mainly due to not knowing whether any of the mission's we create on Tribble will be deleted or not, or if we will beable to import them to Holodeck when foundry goes live. So if any of you know what will happen to such mission's on tribble yet me know, then i can decide if its worth carrying on with the rest of the mission or wait for Foundry to go live on Holodeck first.

Note the whole Mission, including this prelude segment of the mission is still work in progress. As i get used to the Foundry Tool's and learn who to do things that id like to do and see in the mission, then i will update the published version. So its still very much Work in Progress and off course subject to what will happen to the mission on tribble when Foundry goes live on Holodeck

Mission Discription

Starfleet has received a distress signal from the Freighter S.S. Trafford (No am not a Manchester United supporter). However the the distress signal was stopped at the source prior to sending details as to the reason for the distress signal. You and your crew have been ordered to goto P'Jem IV System located in the P'Jem system in the Sirius Sector to investigate.

Once you arrive at P'Jem IV - You have to locate S.S. Trafford. You most then beam aboard the S.S. Trafford to investigate the strange readings your ship picked up and locate where the crew are (Or where they have gone).

I wont go any further into it, so then i dont spoil the mission for you. I will say though that there is no combat in this prelude section of the mission. As it mainly about introducing you to the story, though the text is easy reading and not long walls of text, though i am dsylixic so there will be so grammar and spelling errors, if you come across any such errors simply PM them to me so i can correct them.

Thanks and enjoy the mission

P.S. Forgot to mention the mission is open to players of any level... well so long as your a Fed.
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Hi Guy's

Just letting you know, i decided to go ahead and complete the first episode (Episode 1) of the Lost in Time Series, the mission when published (now live on Tribble) will appear in your search results as follows:

Lost in Time 'S.S. Trafford' - Federation Mission Only, Any LvL

The first part of the mission is the same as what was included in the Lost in Time 'Episode 1 Prelude' that i published yesterday. Some changes have been made though but nothing major.

Unlike the prelude mission to this Episode, there is a a segment that involves space combat. Its not a huge segment, as all aspects and encounters that take place in this mission and any other that i create will be storyline driven, just like in the TV Series (Specifically TNG Era). So in later missions when there is ground combat segment's, enemies will be strategically placed according to the episode storyline. So you will not find mobs wondering arounding and placed left right and centre turning the mission into a grind. Basically, objective/task are all driven by the storyline. My Aim thoughout the series is to accumodate all types of players, though not all episode will suit every type of player. Everyone will have to play the series in episode order, as each episode storyline will add to the overall storyline of the series, and in some case's like with Episode 1 and Episode 2, they will pick up from where the last episode ended. If you [play the episodes in random order you wont beable to make sense of the story.

Known Bugs (apart from spelling and grammar)

1 - Interactable Consoles in the S.S. Trafford map appear Black instead of default colour - I believe this is a bug in foundry but will look into it closer and republish the mission when fixed.

2 - Character console interaction animation continues for infinite period time, unless you move your charactor - Again this i believe to be a foundry bug, as the animation is set to short.

3 - Some Dialog buttons display words like [LastName] and [ShipName]. - This is intentional as Cryptic will be fixing this at some point so that where it says [LastName] it will show your characters last name and same for all over words enclosed in [ ] just like it does in the actual dialog box.

4 - Fire Extingiusers on board the S.S. Trafford Spray upwards. - My intention is for some to spray sideways once i have worked how too. (If you know how, then let me know please). Note - The Extinguisher effect is ment to reflect pressurised steam escaping from cracked piping.

5 - You haver to manually exit some maps, such as when leaving ESD and when warping from Sol System and UGC map to sector space. Same when leaving Memory alpha and back to sector space. - This is due to Foundry Map Transition limitations. Hopefully these limitations are removed in further Foundry updates.

If you come across any other bug's please post them on this thread.

Future Episodes and Development;

Well I have not decided on how many Episodes this series will cover, as the Storyline evolves in my head as i make the episodes. Though i do have an overall plan for the series and where the series takes the player and what will be included in the series content wise. But how the overall storyline of the series progresses will depend on the actual storyline of each episode. episode 1 is an introduction to the series and episode 2 opens up the overall storyline of the series.

As for continued development of the episodes (Bug fixing and additional editing), it will depend on the devs progress on foundry and when they add additional UGC tool's, content etc. It will also depend on whether these missions will be deleted or not, prior to foundry going live on Holodeck. After all, i see no point spending hours on creating an huge series or missions only for my work to be deleted and not have any way to save them and import them to Holodeck foundry. Perhaps a DEV or someone can confirm what will happen to UGC missions created on Tribble Foundry?
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# 3
01-26-2011, 02:01 AM
Lost in Time 'S.S. Trafford' - Is now live on Tribble

If any Dev's or Mod's see this, please change this thread's title to "Lost in Time Series", thanks in advance.


Lost in Time 'S.S. Trafford' mission is now updated to v1.01. Update added missing diaglog between player and Orion ship captain prior to encounter. This dialog should have been in on first release, but it slipped my mind to added this morning, so i apologise for that. But it was needed as no Fed Captain would engage another ship with out attempting to hail them first.

Emergency Update:

Since the update above, the last 2 maps in the mission had broken trigger markers, resulting in the map dialog not being triggered, and breaking the mission as a result. It didn't do it everytime but even if you got past the 1st of the last 2 maps it lwould mostly have done it in the last map. I have attempted to fix the issue and in testing they now work again. Currently stuck at 50% republishing though, so please bear with me on this.

Seem’s as though Cryptic are having issues with foundry in regards to publishing. I have been trying to republish the mission, after making the emergency update for the last hour, tried 6 times and it just gets stuck at 50% each time. So ill probably try republish in the morning if it fails again this time.
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Ok Guys Episode 1

Lost in Time 'S.S. Trafford' - Is now back live on Tribble.

I apologise for the carry on, however i was unable to republish this after the emergency update due to issue's with mission publishing last night, which although i am now able to do, it still takes 10 mins to publish. It would appear that there is a bug in the foundry resulting in poor detection of marker triggers near space map spawn points. So even if your ship is within the triggers radius, upon spawning the trigger did not always work and the bigger your ship the less likely it was the trigger was to work. So to compensate i have replaced and increased the radius of the 2 trigger' markers, that where not always working. I have tested this in both preview (which worked always as a result of character ship being smaller) and i have tested it live on tribble just now with my Tier 5 cruiser.

So if any of you have an issues with either of the last 2 map's where the trigger doesn't trigger the dialog when you enter the map. Simply exit the map and reenter, but also post up on here which map the trigger failed to work on so i can look at it again, plus state what your ship was.
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Hi Guys,

Due to the recently released statement below;

Originally Posted by StormShade
I understand your feelings, and sadly, sometimes breaking bad news is a part of my job. I'm not saying this won't change, but right now the plan is not to move over all the missions you guys have created on Holodeck.

The process to copy such a few missions over to Holodeck is long and tedious. It would require a great deal of downtime to move them all to Holodeck. I hope you all can understand why this isn't something that seems realistic at this time.

Thanks for you understanding,

I have sadly made the decision to place the Lost In Time Series on hold after i have released Episode 2 'Iconians and Their Demons', which is currently 95% complete.

The reason for my decision is - I do not believe that its right to ask us to give up PAID FOR GAME TIME to spend between 2-6 hours or more along with hours of research and planning for each mission, in order to test the Foundry, only to then be stabbed in the back and told all our hard work and time is to be thrown in the BIN. Sure i am all for testing and being a tester, but if they expect us to give up our paid for game time and get nothing in return for it i.e. ability to import our UGC mission to Holodeck when Foundry is released, they can forget it. They need to give their heads a shake, and ask themselves how they would feel if it was their work that they paid for the previlage of spending hours on, that was going in the bin.

Anyway rant over.

As i said episode 2 'Iconians and Their Demons' is 95% complete, and will be released on Tribble after mission testing phase. I had hoped the finnish development of the episode today, but with Tribble being offline i have been unable to do anything. I hope to see Tribble online this weekend, and hope to release Episode 2 this weekend as well. Obviously i can not confirm if it will be released at the weekend, without knowing when Tribble will be back online.

In the mean time though, if you would like to see further information about the episode 2 'Iconians and Their Demons', then please feel free to visit the episodes wiki page Here

Also don't forget to browse my Wiki user page, for infomation on development Here

Obviously the Development and release of episode 3 will be delayed even furthur when Foundry is released on Holodeck, as my first priority when Foundry is released on Holodeck, will be to rewrite the first two Episodes FROM SCRATCH. You can thank Cryptic, Atari and their ill thought out Policy of not allowing missions made on Tribble to be imported on to Holodeck for this hold being placed on the Series.
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Hi Guys

Episode 2 of the 'Lost in Time Series' , is now live of Tirbble. You will be surprised and asking What... Why.. when... how... by the ending of the episode

The mission appears in the ingame mission search as - The Iconians and Their Demons

This mission is Federation Only and avaliable to players of any Level

For Further Information on the 'The Iconian and Their Demons', episode please visit the mission episodes UGC wiki page HERE

Below is a list of current known issues:

1 - Second NPC ground patrol does not wonder: - Fixed in V1.01

2 - Occasionally NPC warp in effect does not show visually: - Again, a Foundry issue.

3 - NPC ground camp is lacking objects: - I will be adding additional objects in the Holodeck update of this mission, i see no point doing it now when i'll only have to do it all again for holodeck.

4 - Warp out effect does not occur when leaving UGC Andoria System - Can confrim this is a Foundry bug not mission bug.

NOTE: I will continue to support and update the current two Episode's on Tribble, but as stated in above post, Episode 3 and the rest of series is on HOLD, until Foundry is released onto Holodeck. Obviously if Cryptic were to change their mind's, then i will be willing to left the Hold on the series and continue releasing episode's on tribble. But until they change their minds (which is unlikely) the hold will remain.

So feel free to post your comments about the series/missions below aswell as info on any bugs you find that are not already listed, and of course post your views on Cryptics decision.

Updated to Version 1.01

Mission Updates/Patches
@Teasdaleern 29th Jan 22:18 GMT - Version 1.01 = Fixed second NPC Patrol not wondering issue. Also made some typo corrections in dialogs, though still not perfect.

P.S. Klingons don't worry i have a plan's for you guys with your own version of the series, though you may have to wait a few more episodes, before i release the first klingon episode.
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Mission Updates/Patches

@Teasdalern 30th Jan 2011 at 16:25 GMT - Emergency Update for Version 1.01:

* Improved NPC Contact Surviability – Moved Enemy Guards further away from NPC Contact. (never had this issue myself on live but it was reported to me, so i made the adjustments to help prevent NPC contact dying for those that had the issue)

Minor adjustments included in Emergency update:

* Improved Ground Combat Surviability for Player – Enemy Guard and 2nd Patrol changed from COM 4 to COM 1, should result in less player deaths.

* Improved on 2nd Enemy patrol Wander – Moved their Position forward and adjusted patrol settings to make their wandering around appear more obivious to players. NOTE: NPC Wonder, does not work in Foundry mission preview, so if wandering is still not working properly in live, let me know.

Any issue please post here or on the mission wiki page - Thanks
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Forget to post this yesterday

@Teasdaleern 1st Feb 2011 17:31 GMT - Updated to Version 1.02:

Cosmetic Changes only:

Added - Weather effects (Light Snow) to andoria ground map.
Added - Nabula effects to Sol system to give impression of floating dust clouds.
Changed - Exterior sky on Andoria ground to give the appearance of overhead snow clouds.
Easter Egg - Spotted a left over NPC contact in sol system from originally planned ending that was cut from the Episode prior to original release

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