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I recently joined a social forum board with a video gaming section. I mentioned being on STO and a few people said "Oh we tried STO, what's changed since launch?"

Given the huge laundry list of changes since Feb 2010 I'm sort of at a lost to describe how much has changed in the game. So can you nice folks help me out here.

What are some Positive Changes Since Launch?
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01-24-2011, 12:35 PM
The c-store has a lot of real cool new stuff to help you feel more trekkie.

It only takes them 5 weeks to fix weekly mission bugs. ( the ones that make the missions undoable)

You will get to fight a kinder , gentler borg who actually talks to the federation.

You don't have to do squat to get the new end game ship upgrades.

They haven't resurected capt Kirk!.....yet.

Ground combat is AWSOME!

They MAY get the UGC foundry in game before the lifetime members subs expire.

You get to pilot space submarines in a universe where newton was never born!

Your Bridge officers only occasionally fall into the ground now.

The life stealing snake stick of necromantic i mean science.

I could say more , but how much good can one person need to post truthful propaganda?
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01-24-2011, 12:40 PM
sector space looks great.

weekly eps have been fun and some of the best missions in the game.

the foundry is great as it lets you play and create your own missions or hundreds of other peoples (only on tribble but soon to go live).

improved crafting.

borg task force loot that makes your ship look all assimilated.

loads more ships and costume options, (some c-store some in game).

those would be the main things that i like.
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01-24-2011, 12:53 PM
ST:O Improvements Since Launch
  • - Level cap increased to Vice Admiral
  • - Working Accolade system
  • - Classic ship refits for T5
  • - Sector Space revamp
  • - Crafting overhaul (or 'Memory Alpha is useful!')
  • - Featured Episodes
  • - Diplomacy system
  • - Dabo and Holo-Leeta
  • - Ship gear sets (Borg and Aegis)
  • - New ships for both factions
  • - Slowly-increasing Klingon content
  • - Remastered episodes (soon)
  • - Free shuttles for everyone (soon)
  • - Foundry user-created content (kinda soon)
  • - New Starbase 1 (soon)
  • - Ground combat overhaul (soon)

I'm sure there's more, but it should be obvious that a lot has changed since launch. For the better, IMHO.

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# 5
01-24-2011, 12:54 PM
+ Klingons have some PvE content now, including a few really awesome storylines and a couple cool repeatable missions
+ The proper 25th century Starfleet uniform is now available in C-Store
+ awesome Featured Episodes with really neat plots
+ You can now set your weapons (space and ground) on Autofire!
+ Starship interiors for roleplaying and fleet meetings

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