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# 1 Brotherhood of the Black Flag
01-26-2011, 04:29 PM

We are the Brotherhood of the Black Flag, we are always taking on new members. If you are looking for a fleet that provides a structured theater to both practice, hone, and grow you STO experiance look no further we facilitate and offer many perks and benifits, such as:

PvP - The use of PvP for both practical and entertaining purposes are both utilized in the Brotherhood. We PvP as a group, our structure and core-mentality allow us to both hone and perfect various career skills as well as bridge officer skills. We PvP other fleets, our sister FED fleet, and any other takers that wish to contest there PvP abilities. We have many members that number crunch all weapons and skills to better your ship and your crew in a fully competitive PvP match, being "squishy" is a problem we can fix.

STF - We run STF's as a fleet, no other random players are allowed in the STF. We have a fleet first policy which prevents drop-outs and bailers. We start the STF we finish it. We have skilled STF players that can make your STF go from being painfull to delightfull. Breath that sign of relief when you play an STF with the Brotherhood, and enjoy your rewards.

PvE - We run dailies all the time want emblems fast and with fleet members making the daily grind that much easier, well look no further we will run dailies with you.

Voice Chat - We have a voice chat program that will allow you to talk with other members of the fleet, as well as our sister fleet on the FED side. this helps in organizing and training the force.

Crafting - simply put you get the majority of the base materials and we will build it. Just call us Orange county crafters (provided you like bikes, if not maybe this will suit you "just call us Chop Cut Craft).

Any further questions please do not hesistate to contact me @jcgoodwrench

Look forward to playing with you.
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02-03-2011, 03:44 PM
Very cool fleet, people are friendly, made me feel welcome the first night.

Looking forward to a future doing missions and pvp with these dudes.

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