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# 1 AI on mobs in space
01-27-2011, 11:15 PM
I fight in many space battles against the AI.

If it is a space battle and there are waves of mobs....usually the mobs in the beginning do not adjust shields or do anything smart ...if you fly in a circle...they fly in a circle....

The end boss i.e. a battleship balances his shields....uses his abilities almost wisely...he even heals himself.

Why do the lesser mobs not do so? I am speaking from experience in the exploration areas where , as a FED, you fight 5 waves of mobs...usually defending an outpost or a disable ship and the enemy comes at you in waves ...usually 5 or so.

Last question...why do cruisers have the shield that makes them immune to ANY DAMGE for a small amount of time as opposed to a battleship...yet they do nothing else...and all the minor enemies of the Federation have this shield power.....not very original....

I am referring to mobs at VA level...i have plum forgot if this is so at lower levels as i have not had a lower level toon for 8 months or so.

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