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I’m keen to learn new strategies for PvE (no I don‘t want your PvP secrets)

I currently use three Disrupter turrets on the aft array and one Disrupter Cannon on the forward because I try to keep my self aimed at the enemies, but also because I‘d rather not put points in the Beam weapon‘s skill as I‘ll be getting a battle curser later that can use duel cannons.

Which ones do you like?
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# 2
01-19-2011, 10:50 AM
I started my KDF toon using Disruptors only for the damage output and the minor proc, switched to Tetryons for the shield dropping abilites and have currently switched back to Disruptors due to being able to get more bang for my EC since they cost less to skill up.
I have thought on AP weapons and am slowly turning that way with my builds.

The choice of weapon type (DHC,DC,SC, beam) is more of a persoanl flavor thing and variuos philosophies exist as to why each is better than the rest.
All of this may be moot as I PvP and you may not find it suitible for your gameplay.
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# 3
01-19-2011, 10:59 AM
For me its about the Tetryons.

I'm a tet man.

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# 4 My energy weapons systems
01-19-2011, 10:07 PM
It depends on the ship in question.

Generally, my primary energy damage is antiproton.
It's the hardest to resist and the most damaging.

On my Cruisers, I use beam arrays, for 180 firing arcs.
No matter where my enemy is, I can guarantee hitting them with 4 of the beam arrays at once.

My escorts and Birds of Prey use dual cannons mounted on the fore hardpoints and turrets on the aft hardpoints.
Dual cannons have a higher fire rate then the heavies.
And the turrets can turn around to fire on forward targets from the aft position, giving an increase in forward facing damage. In addition, they can also target enemies on the side and behind me.
And both these weapons use the Rapid Fire buff.

My science ships also use beam arrays.

I will also use different damage types depending on the ship in question, just for added variety.
My other favored types are polaron and plasma.

I have used tetryon on one ship, but only one.
I don't find it that interesting.

Disruptors and phasers I never use, because they're starter weapons.
Given the many options available at RA/BG, I see no reason why I should use the basic common weapons.

I hope this information is helpful.
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# 5
01-19-2011, 10:33 PM
Not intending this as an insult, but I don't think shooting down something because it's available from the start or because it’s common. I like disrupters not because nothing else is available, but because they have a damage debuff and are cheap to make strong, I could be wrong about their usefulness and that’s what this article is partly about, but is there a more relevant reason to not use starter weapons.
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# 6 Breakdown of weapons
01-20-2011, 12:29 AM
Well, as far as I know, the higher level weapons have better debuffs on their targets.
Granted, since I gave up disruptors and phasers as soon as possible, I have very little knowledge of them.

Antiproton inflicts more damage and has a greater chance of criticals.
Plasma inflicts damage over time.
Polaron has a chance to cause 25% drain to all power.
Tetryon has a chance to cause -160 shield power.

I think Disruptors damage shields, but aren't that great against an unshielded hull.
Phasers possibly have some kind of debuff, but I haven't identified what kind it is yet.

So generally, the higher level options give you something better, depending on what you choose, the lower level weapons are basic damages only, not really that special, at least in my opinion.
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# 7
01-20-2011, 02:33 AM
The Phaser debuff is a random subsystem disable. 2.5 chance to disable Engine, Shields, Weapon or Auxillary. I think it's a pretty good debuff, though it's naturally unpredictable.

I overall prefer Phasers and Disruptors, depending on faction, and my other weapon choice (beam/dual beam/cannons) depend on the ship type.
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# 8
01-20-2011, 03:19 AM
Well I play a Klink for a main so...

Chance to inflict a 10% damage resist debuff for 15 seconds.
Cheap to spec in.

If it wasn't for the time and effort, I'd rearm my fed alts with disruptor weapons as well. As much as I like the canonicity of a Fed ship with phasers, disruptors just have a better effect.

It's a "may debuff the hull by 10% for 15 seconds" vs "may disable a subsytem that may be the shields."

I find antiproton only useful for a tactical captain, down to the higher crit chance caused by the tact captains skills. To expensive point wise for a weapon with the same base damage as all the other weapons.
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# 9
01-22-2011, 01:29 AM
I love phasers.

1) They're cheap to level

2) They're free on Fed ships

3) They knock out random subsystems. Nothing is cooler than bearing down on a Borg cube and having its shields just drop completely. Or enemies find themselves unable to fire or move for a brief time. Its proc is 2.5% aggravation.
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# 10
01-23-2011, 12:26 AM
My take on energy weapons:

Phasers: My buddy insists on using them, due to the 'authentic federation feel'. To be honest, getting hit with them is annoying when your engines suddenly stop working. Great to pair them with chroniton torps for added aggrivation. Me personally, don't like em. No real character.

Disruptors: As a Klingon player, I am pretty much FORCED to use Disruptors through the first half of the game... unless I want to throw away money on the exchange, no thanks. Disruptors are great for the debuff, but when it happens you never know unless you are paying REAL close attention. No flashy effects or noticable change happens when they proc, so I don't prefer them... plus the Dual Heavy Cannons look like big green 'super balls'... I HATE that.

Tetryon: Great in a shield drain sci build. Grab a few charged particle bursts, tachyon beams, and some tetryon weapons and you have yourself a little party! My issue is... what about enemies that don't have any shields left? Or enemies that don't have shields at all? *Shrug* I know it's a small thing, but so is the proc. It doesn't happen often enough, nor does it 'drain' enough shields to be noticable. Not really for me.

Plasma: Oh dear lord, what can I say about my beloved plasma. It LOOKS awesome, has a nice audio when you use the beams. Sort of a 'FWOOOOOM'. They cause your enemies to perish in flames. What more could you ask for?!? I LOVE plasma, and I LOVE the extra damage it does. I LOVE watching enemies BURN. It's a nice middle rank weapon that is affordable to rank up in, but noticably more damaging than phaser/disruptors/tetryon. It's proc also does DIRECT HULL DAMAGE, and did I notice the BURNING? It's only drawback... the new borg set comes standard with plasma resistance. Lame

Polaron: For the skill cost, and a proc that can litterally be countered by having an EPS flow regulator equipped... it's a rediculously underpowered weapon, considering especially when your alternative is Anti-proton. The only way I can imagine that polaron would be worthwhile, is in a carrier energy syphon build. Even then, the cost is just so high. 500 skill points per rank. OUCH.

Anti-proton: My second fave by far... everything about it is WAY more amazing than any other weapon, visuals, audio, crits galore, dps... quite costly though, and quite frankly, everyone in PvP expects you to be using them. Unfortunately that means that you encounter a LOT of players increase their resistance to it. If it werent for the cost, and pvp resistance tendancies... this would be my favorite.

In a nutshell... Plasma rules the day.

FIRE FIRE FIRE... heh heheh heh... FIRE!

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