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Greetings! This small, but intrepid fleet of players guided by the ideals of friendship and community have five positions open for like-minded Star Trek Online players. Our fleet, now approaching it's one year anniversary, has maintained a fifty member player cap in order to foster friendship and an overall enhanced game playing environment.

In the almost one year Star Trek Online has been live, our fleet has never stopped playing; never stopped hosting fleet-wide events; never stopped allying ourselves with other fleets; never stopped meeting and succeeding at every challenge. We've grown to include active leagues on the KDF-side and the Tribble Test Server. Our Fleet Bank is stocked with every conceivable tech, gear, data samples, and energy credits needed to achieve your personal goals. Our game play is second to none, and our willingness to tackle any challenge has spread across both servers.

If you are interested in joining our ranks, please see a league senior office in-game this weekend. We will be holding our recruitment drive beginning Saturday and ending Wednesday, February 2nd. Remember, we only have five positions available so don't hesitate to contact us!

God speed and we'll see you out among the stars.


Fleet Admiral Emily Janeway

STO Fleets: League of Extraordinary Captains, League of Extraordinary Tribbles, Tuq vo' Dun TIhIngan!
Champions Online Fleet: League of Extraordinary Champions
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