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to the point:

since a lot of months a have read a message, that all content from the c-store will also available to unlock it ingame.

At the moment in see only the Nebula Class for 200 Marks.
The Gal-X is a recruitment reward, its ok!

But where is the T5 Excelsior? Gameplay specific content should not be claim only via an external store... i dont have anything, for new clothes i really like them all except "Motion Picture" and "All good Things" or Special Services like Rename ... but i cannot believe, that i have to pay 10 Euro in addition to the monthly sub costs, to become a T5 Excelsior.

In every other game i become full access to the content for my monthly sub, its optional for example buy a mount or pets like in wow but they dont have any advantages over me.

Just a little question, whether cryp will add some gameplay relevant content like the excelsior to the game, that i can purchase it with marks or with a long quest series ._.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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01-29-2011, 02:47 PM
i know its not quite the same thing but the excelsior is available at tier 3 in game for energy credits.

i would support them adding an option for the excelsior tier 5 in game as well.

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