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# 1 A Few Cure Questions
01-29-2011, 07:23 AM
I normally end up as "Transformer Two" in this mission.

Is there a better way to individually target worker drones other than the "TAB" key? I use 2 Polaron HD rifles and that usually blasts them away, but sometimes a 3rd worker appears that doesn't get thrown back when I hit the others? They tend to clump too close or even behind the Transfomer for me to click on without moving into the 22m aggro range?

Is there a way to select a First Person Shooter view in this game?

I use small hypos and shield regens, should I upgrade to mediums?

How about Weapon's Boosters?

I am an Engineer with the Bunker Fab Kit Mk X purple. I have a 560 pt. shield and Mk XII Energy Dampening armor. I use two Mk XI [Dmg] Polaron High Density Beam Rifles. (And a Tribble of Borg)
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# 2
01-29-2011, 05:15 PM
why on earth are you using small hypos and shield charges? I would refuse to team with you for that reason alone... what is wrong with you? good-grief charlie brown... just try and kick the football again...


another thing... using repel weapons will not stop workers from disabling the transformers... neither will force domes... stop messing around and kill them... as fast as possible.. use LARGE weapon charges and kill them... don't repel them, don't knock them back... you get 10 seconds total time of them wrecking the transformer before you fail... stop worrying about aggroing other stuff.... kill the workers!!! worry about everything else later.

You say you're an engineer? drop turrets to draw aggro away from you... before the borg even spawn... don't put the turrets next to you.. put them far away then move to a good spot to have a flanking attack on the workers... you should be able to kill the first worker before he even gets to the transformer...

First person views are terrible because you can't see what is behind you... those proto-drones that beam in behind you and shoot you in the back must be dealt with immediately or else you will fail...

I had been thinking that you were just having some bad luck finding good groups... now I see that I was obviously mistaken and that you are not even thinking clearly about how to be successful.

Stop lusting for gear and think about how to be a better player... those fancy Borg set pieces won't help a mediocre play style... this game is not won or lost by using certain equipment, but by learning how to effectively use the tools that all players have access to.
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# 3
01-29-2011, 06:39 PM
Transformer #2 is probably the hardest one for an engineer to hold (at least with non-aggro method). This goes for both the third and fourth gates. As a non-aggro, it is best to be done with a tac officer. Stun and plasma grenades work great.

But for an engineer, you are better off running Fabrication Specialist kit. If you do transformer #1, a phaser turret at its maximum range can help you take the workers without aggroeing the mob. However, placement is very tricky. Your strength is probably in transformer #3 or #4. At the last 2 gates, #3 will often beam in the mob as soon as it is activated, so non-aggro doesn't always work here. In this case, lay down your 2 turrets and your generators. For some reason, generators are borg aggro magnets. They seem to always attack your generators first unless you are shooting at them. This keeps the mob busy while you take care of the workers.

Oh, and large hypos are the way to go. Yes, it's a pain that you can't replicate them, but it's worth it. So I often buy 80-100 at a time.
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# 4
01-29-2011, 08:31 PM
I can only go with what I have been told.

I have been told not to shoot anything but workers.

Tonight I am told only to bash them by a group that supposedly does this in 80 minutes.

I will take all your suggestions.

I did not mean to aggravate I just did not know.

I never pick up any gear I always pass, mission first!

Please don't judge me on this, is all this written down somewhere so it would be my fault for not reading it?
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# 5
01-29-2011, 08:46 PM
Don't feel bad... there are many ways to go about defeating the Cure and the transformers... you should always do as your team leader requests and when in doubt ask questions...

The main concern is getting all of the team players on the same page and making sure everyone knows what they should be doing.

Transformer #2 is generally considered the hardest and would normally be done by a Tac, but can be done by anyone really... nothing is totally impossible.

You should be commended for seeking answers here instead of showing up ignorant and unprepared like so many other players do...

My comments are not the be-all end-all of Cure Strategy by far, but I try to express what works for me... I should point out that the groups I normally play with are extremely proficient and as far as I know, run the Borg STF's on a daily basis...

Trying to get through these missions with a PUG is not recommended by me in the slightest and I would suggest finding a good fleet that runs them on a regular basis. While this is not a requirement, it would increase your chances of success greatly.
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# 6
01-29-2011, 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by Latinumbar
At the last 2 gates, #3 will often beam in the mob as soon as it is activated, so non-aggro doesn't always work here.
It is possible, but after you are more familiar with this non aggro tactic.

First 4 transformers field:
You have to know exactly where the borg node group will spawn at transformer 3. If you do know that, then you can activate transformer 3, use the transformer to block sight from the borg group and run towards transformer 4.

Second 4 transformers field:
If you activate transformer 3, you run backwards to corner of the rock and you will not aggro the borg node group at transformer 3.
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# 7
01-30-2011, 01:55 AM
We got stuck at gate 3 again tonight.

The amount of drones beaming in near the gate and the lack of distance from the transformers available makes this a tough one.

It's been so many missions since I completed that one that i forgot where I was stationed for that one.

I thank you all for the suggestions, please keep them coming!
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# 8
01-30-2011, 02:23 PM
While Napoleon is being a bit over-the-top in the whole "I won't team with you" bit -- he is correct in don't bother with 'small" anything. Get the large power cells, shield charges and hypos. As an Engy, your best two are Hypos and Power cells - healing and dps increase. Your Captain skill should keep your shields up adequately, so you can use that shield charge slot for something else useful.

Trans #2 position - using no-aggro - I will often have two people cover #2, and one person (solo engy's work great) on #1.

The caveat to this - the pair at #2 need to float a bit towards #1 to help out by giving a couple shots to one worker in the *pairs* that go by. You should be able to easily do this. Note, you will see a single going to #1 - do not shoot that one at all. If you do, it messes up the timing, and #1 gets 3 workers at the transformer, which sucks.

Do not concentrate too hard on the #1 workers, just a couple shots, and let them go. By then, you will have work of your own to do. Hopefully you are using some form of knockback weapon - many of the purple sniper rifles have a 66% chance of knock-back. Between two of you, it should suffice. Stun pistols work as well, changing out with the sniper rifle.

If you have a really good Tac, you can use them at either #3, or with a Sci type at #2. I haven't been on many "tac heavy" runs, so I tend to put them where they are very valuable (translation - have flanking shots where they do one or two hit kills)
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# 9
01-31-2011, 12:48 AM
I took your advise and packed Large hypos, Shield ans Weapons Boosters. I never used the shields so you were correct about the primaries.

The group that got me through put two people on 2 just like you suggested. it worked well.

I ended up doing # 2 Transformer at gate 3 tonight and where they positioned me allowed me to keep the workers away with my HD Polaron Rifles nicely.

So Happy ending finally.
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# 10
02-01-2011, 08:02 PM
EXCELLENT !! Glad it worked out for you !!

btw - do let others know about NOT shooting single workers trolling about on thier own. Let the person at the assigned transformers handle those. If they are not heading to your assigned transformer, only shoot pairs.

Best if you and your partner (if you have one) at a transformer pick ONE worker to target, so say the one closest to your side, and concentrate fire on that one. I had a so-so TAC player working with me on a #2 transformer - they person at #1 had an easy job. Basically got one worker, and one gimp that was one-shottable the whole time.

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