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OK, let's just start off by saying this. I would like to make this thread only about ways to finish The Cure. So please, if you have any complaints about the mission, please do not post them here. If you have complaints about PUG teams, please do not post them here. What I would like is people who have finished the mission a few times, the experienced people who know the ways in and out, for them to post what methods they used. What weapons, kits, skills, etc. Hopefully by getting all this information together, then all the players who have not been able to complete the mission will find a strategy that does help them out with it.

So please pass the word. If you know anyone who says they have a strategy that works for the Cure, ask them to post it here. Lets keep it to working, proven strategies. Not new ideas that haven't been tested yet.

I'm going to fill in the next 3 slots in case I find any new ideas that I feel may be a benefit to anyone, but after that please let's start seeing all .

Also, if I do forget to credit someone for an idea that I got from another thread, I apologize in advance. I didn't do it on purpose.
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02-02-2011, 09:53 AM
Ok, lets start off with some ideas a few links to some great threads that go indepth on some strategies to use. Check out these links, they are very helpful

Davinnio - A very nice guide

The Cure Shield Gate sollutions! By Dassem_Ultor - another very nice guide

1) Tactical Officers, use Security escorts + Tactical Initiative then hit the escorts again so you're running 4 Sec's. They will draw away the aggro from the borg.

2) Also if you put plasma grenades on the trans and have a knockback shield it will go off quite regularly if you stand in the fire... and keep the trans clear of everything. (Napoleon_BlownApart)

3) Breach or Fabrication kits for engineers though, the DPS is unquestionable, as is the power of the quantum mortar in keeping Borg on their butts, and the ability to have the Borg shooting at something that isn't a player is a huge bonus. With a PBKB shield, the Borg can disrupt their own workers for you. (Foxrocks)

4) full auto assault antiproton, is not an aggro weapon but hits multiple targets and powerful. In combo I would use a split beam to hit the same borg I just shot with the other one. At transformers I'd switch to a sniper rifle and the full auto for its knock back. I only ever use large hypos. Never have I used a shield charge, maybe occasionally a power cell. the borg tribble, the cane and maybe the pattern enhancers hoping for a sword master or phantasm to spawn (yes, I said hoping it would spawn another bad guy " the enemy of my enemy is my friend") If you need good shields, get the regen x 3 at BGO. 861% recharge times 3 is quite good to get them back up. AS napoleon stated, do not fight every single group. Once the shield is down run on out of aggro and continue the mission. You DO NOT need to wipe the respawns around transformers. (StrykerV)

5) For the boss battle I've found some success in the following: After eliminating the first node and borg as described below, having one member (usually a tac officer) pull initial aggro and running back to pull the boss between the front two trees. From this position, he is just a bit too far away from where those borg respawn for them to end up aggroed again. This helps keep all 5 team members in the fight and prevents someone from having to kite the group with turrets and such. Additionally, if the team has plasma weapons or grenades that do DoT, that helps a lot too, especially once the cover shields are flying. Itís nice that even if you can't shoot him at a particular moment, you're still doing some sort of damage. (-A-)

6) Bring a combination of High Density Beam Rifle and Sniper Rifle. Use the high density beam rifle to push away worker drones going after nodes, and as it recharges, switch to Sniper Rifle so you can single out one of the worker drones and kill them faster. Works great with my Tac and his kits (sometimes I can even one shot kill the worker drones!) The faster you kill worker drones, the faster you can switch your focus to something else. (1nONLY_DRock)

7) 25.5 meters is the safe aggro distance in general. Activate all the transformers to spawn them in, kill all and nodes but the medics at each one then all you gotta deal with is the workers on the second run since unless the last drone is killed they do not spawn in.

when dealing with the workers whilst other drones are with nodes use single shot weapon (sniper preferred, bring two to hot swap between cooldowns) and if using grenades wait till the workers are at the transformers to throw then to not aggro the node groups, if you have tacs with smoke grenades use them at the second - fourth transformers when going to activate them to cover when going back into place in a ranged position and click target workers to avoid accidental aggro. (xTH3xR34P3Rx)

8) It is possible to get competent pug together and finish cure in about 2 hours. I only ran through it once yet I was able to lead this team in a very respectable time frame. Follow these tips and you may find out how easy this stf can be

Bring single target repel/knock back weapons
Bring hypos/shied charges/power cells
Bring a healer (preferably one that has a Batíleth)
For clearing gates: Don't engage borg node groups (only workers) for the 2nd and 3rd gates. My method is to have 1 person on transformer 1. 2 people between transformer 1 and 2. 2 people on transformers 3 and 4. You can avoid all node groups if you position yourself carefully.
For Armek, have the science officer pull the boss to a wall and use melee to hold aggro; martial arts are fine here but a Batíleth is preferred. Keep your health topped off and you win. Donít pull aggro and stay out of melee (unless youíre the sci.) (Sorry I forgot where I got this one from, but thanks to the author).

9) non aggro tactic, sniper rifle and stun pistol, and only shoot workers from a safe distance. (Davinnio).

10) There are many ways of doing the cure, and I have done them all. However, I have come to find the fight it out method to be the best way if you have PUG's with you. Set up: (practice on the first set of 3 since it's easy) activate the first generator, then have your whole team blast the node down and then take out borg, weakest to hardest. Once you have the elite down to about half, hit the next gen, leaving one guy assigned to the first node (typically we leave a tatical officer here). While the second one is warming up you should be able to take out that elite. Once the second gen goes hot, you have everyone blast the node and repeat what you did on the first (the guy assigned to the first node, should be able to help as well, but will focus on any workers first). Have another team member assigned to gen 2, who just headhunts workers (typically we have an engineer assigned here, since his turrets, shield gens, etc can draw aggro from the group). Now as soon as gen three gets hit you activate that as well, at this point its all about time, so we have two guys defending the node (typically a sci officer to heal, and either a tactical or eng depending on the group) the last guy will be at 4 and just waiting to activate that gen as soon as it goes hot. Hypo's for everyone is a must, but your sci officer on number three gen should be able to throw heals to the guy on 2 , 3 and 4. Remember, as soon as gen 4 goes up you only have to hold it for 20 seconds. I did this with two fleet mates and 2 pugs the other night and we got all the shields down on the first try. I like this because with pugs, you don't have to show them where to stand to not draw aggro, which weapons to use etc, just makes things a lot easier. Good luck!! (Hicup19)
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02-02-2011, 09:54 AM
another for future use
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02-02-2011, 10:53 AM
Steelthorn wrote a very nice descriptive guide. You can read the entire thread here I really think that you should read it and also read the response too. It is very helpful. I have taken the liberty of reposting it here though, to try to make it easier for people. But do yourselves a favor, take the extra time, click on the link and read the entire thread.

Steelthorn wrote this post for his fleet's please excuse any notes regarding their organization. The gear and strategies still apply.

1. Bring Rifle weapons with knockback, between 30-33 DPS. When waiting for the transformers to link Worker Drones will spawn 2-3 at a time per transformer. It is absolutely crucial to keep them off the transformers or you will cause a reset and will have to start over. Due to the combat that is involved this means you waste between 10-20 min per reset. If you need a good knockdown rifle there are several good ones for purchase and the badge vendors with Omega Fleet and at K-7. You can also craft a pretty good one. For the crafted one you will need 3 Antithoron Particle Traces and 30 Technical Schematics. You want a rifle because it has a hit range of 30 meters, this is longer than any other weapon and is crucial to keep from aggroing other Borg.

2. Tactical Officers: Bring your grenade kits!! This is crucial due to the reason given in #1. It does not matter if you are not trained for that kit. The simple AoE knockdown and holds are what matter, regardless of how long it holds. It's the interrupt that counts. Don't use your Security Team when you are working on connecting the transformers, they will only aggro the spawned Borg with the nodes, causing a wipe and reset.

3. Science Officers: Bring your healer kits! Self explanatory. Any kits you have with enemy debuffs and holds are also very helpful.

4. Engineers: Bring your Equipment Technician Kit and your Bunker Kit. The Tech Kit is very valuable through most of the run as you can give shield heals and the Equipment Diagnostics ability can remove Borg roots and bleeds. At the end boss you may want to swap out to your Bunker kit for aggro control on the Borg that spawn with the front node. Halfway through the end fight the front node with a bunch of Borg will respawn. As an engineer you may be required to grab aggro on them all and bring them back down the road out of range of the boss. If so, start dropping your bunker devices back and forth on opposite sides of the road. This will draw in the Borg (they like to smash things). Don't engage after you have made sure you got aggro off those attacking the boss. Just keeping dropping turrets. You should have 1-2 others backing you up by picking off Borg to kill while you play red rover. Do NOT use the bunker kit or drones in any area where you are working on the transformers, this will only aggro the spawned Borg with the nodes, causing your group to wipe and start over.

5. Bring Cryo Grenades. You can get a stack of 20 from the Cold Call mission. You can only have 1 stack in your inventory at a time. These grenades will really make your STF run much much easier. They work great if popped on the Transformers to stop the Worker Drones, they also do very well against the end ground boss. Bring them to use them, don't feel bad about going through a stack of them on one STF run. They really cut down on your time to get through it.

6. Get a Bat'leth. If you don't have one, you can purchase one at Omega Fleet for 35 Marks of Valor. It is listed under the Antiproton ground weapons. Don't forget you can trade in Emblems at Omega Fleet for Marks. Again, it doesn't matter if you are not a tactical officer or trained for it. It's all about kinetic damage...I'm an engineer and it works great. Here's why...Elite and Heavy Tactical Drones have very high resistance to energy damage, but not quite as well against kinetic. The Bat'leth does 40 DPS and it hits straight to health, ignoring shields. You beat the crap of those tough drones in no time. Lesson: Keep your knockdown weapon in your primary weapon slot and Bat'leth in your backup slot for quick switching. You should have a nice little rotate weapon button on HUD by your ability bar.

7. Bring your "Synchronic Proton Distortion Rifle Prototype" from the Devidian missions. This rifle is a must for the end ground boss. The rifles special ability is a chain damage beam. The end boss throws up cover shields around himself. If you can't target him, target his shield and you will hit anyway. When the ability is on cool-down, pop a cryo grenade!

8. You can bring your Ophidian Cane, it doesn't do much in terms of damage but if you are getting overwhelmed by a group of Borg it can crowd control for a second so the team can get its bearings. Be aware that most Elite and Heavy Tactical Drones will not lift into the air.

9. Hypos, Hypos, Hypos. Bring about 100 each of Large Hypos, Shield Batteries, and Power Cells. You will be fighting alone a lot in this mission, so be prepared to heal yourself. At the end boss fight this is crucial. If at any time your health or shields are close to half way down, use a hypo or battery so you don't get one-shot to death. Use the Power Cells at the end boss to increase your burst damage against the boss. You can't get solid hits often, so when you do make them count.

10. Tribbles: You should have Tribble of Borg. If not get either at least a 2% damage buff tribble or 2.5% damage resistance tribble. They are easy to breed.

11. Armor and Shields. You should not walk into The Cure without Mark X, preferably Mark XI, Very Rare quality of both these items. Whether to go kinetic or energy resist is up to you, the Borg deliver a good mix of both. I prefer to take energy resistances but I do carry sets of both. Again, visit your badge vendors at K7 and Omega Fleet or ask us to help craft a piece.

12. Always target Infected Borg first. In this mission these are the Borg that spawn in more Drones. Since Tactical Borg are the hardest to kill, save them for last, this way you reduce the amount of incoming fire as fast as possible. Whoever the tactical aggro on should just break out their Bat'leth until help arrives, in melee the damage should be minimal from them as long as you don't get flanked.

13. Don't get flanked. Keep moving. If you let the Borg flank you can get dropped with one hit, especially by a tactical drone at range. It's best to stay together and fight in a retreating motion, keeping all Borg in front of you. If you get too far away from the spawn point of what you are fighting they could reset. If you feel you are getting too far form the original point of attack, run as a group through the mob and start leading them back the other way. This is where the engineer tech kit is handy to remove the root/holds on anyone who gets snagged.

14. Another the end boss everyone will be spaced out 30m apart around the boss, this is because the boss causes a damage feedback that will chain off of all allies when one of you attack him. For this reason do NOT use Drones or Security Teams at all. Only use turrets when far away from the boss and fighting the Borg drones. Engineer Turrets will need to be 60-70 meters from the boss, this is because if you or an ally are at the 20-30m mark from the boss and the turret is within 30m behind you somewhere you will still eat the feedback pulse. The feedback pulse is powerful enough to take all your shields or health in one hit.

15. Basic strat for the Transformers is to spread out with 1-2 people on each one. Use the terrain as cover from line of sight from the Borg that spawn with the nodes. As a marker try to stay over 25 meters from the Transformer to also avoid aggro. Snipe from those positions and lob grenades at the Worker Drones. It will take a bit to find all the sweet spots unless you have someone to show you around at each gate.

16. Basic strat for the end boss is kill the first node and group of Borg. Your 2 heaviest hitters go all the way around left and right by the big trees, use them as cover and do not aggro the back group of borg with the node. These 2 stay on the boss and alternate firing during the entire fight. only do 1-2 shots, boss will face whoever has aggro, bounce back and forth to keep him in center. Other 3 get shots in where they can. Other 3 will be spread out , one center of road, one by rock on right, one at ravine/hill on left. Move in/out of range to get hits in. When cover shields start going up use your proton rifles and target shield to still do damage. Engineer should be one in middle of road, when Borg node respawns get aggro on all fast and run way back down road. Dance with drones and use turret strat from above. Other 2 players on your right and left team up to pick off drones until cleaned up. 2 by trees keep on boss...lack of damage on boss will cause reset. Once drones are dead get back on dps to boss.
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I only just learned on my last run that the High Density repel effect may not stop a worker from doing their thing once they have actually started. So they can be knocked away but still be bringing down the transformer. This means that another weapon with a 66% chance of true knockback is better once they've actually started working.

So, repel =/= knockback for the purpose of interrupting the workers.
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02-02-2011, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by RedRicky View Post
I only just learned on my last run that the High Density repel effect may not stop a worker from doing their thing once they have actually started. So they can be knocked away but still be bringing down the transformer. This means that another weapon with a 66% chance of true knockback is better once they've actually started working.

So, repel =/= knockback for the purpose of interrupting the workers.
Thank you RedRicky, that is greatly appreciated.

Now I have two more brought to my attention by Davinnio (aka Superborg) via e-mail. Thank you very much for the info. The first one is a quote from Wraiven and the second is from Davinnio himself

Originally Posted by Wraiven View Post
Each drone only needs 10 Seconds to deactivate the Transformers. If I let Worker Drone 1 go working for 8 seconds on Transformer while I focused on Worker Drone 2, then knocked the Worker Drone 1 back after he had already been working for eight seconds, then all that Worker Drone 1 need after getting back up is an additional two seconds to deactivate the Transformer.

This rule applies to each individual drone. Meaning, if Worker Drone 1 worked for eight seconds, Worker Drones 2 or 3 can not pick up where Worker Drone 1 left off. Each Worker Drone needs their own ten second count.
If your team can kill borgs very easy and fast, check out the video from this group, filmed by Cutter Slade:

Originally Posted by Davinnio
For killing Armek without aggroing borg node groups:
- If it is your first time, I recommend to try it first with Science Officer for pulling Armek.
- Science officer shoot one time on Armek at a distance of 30m, and then keep a distance of 35m all the time and keep walking back till the boss is at tree. You may have to shoot Armek one more time while he's walking, so he will not beam back to his original position.
- If Armek is at tree, the Science Officer run to him and fight in close range with bat'leth.
- When the Science Officer is fighting Armek in close range, your team can shoot Armek at a distance of at least 25m. Your team always have to keep distance of 25m from Armek. Your team will not use security officers or plasma grenades on Armek.

That only Science Officers can kill Armek with only Bat'leth is a fairy tale.

Fighting Armek If you don't have a Science Officer in team:
For example you are playing with 5 Tactical Officers. You need at least 3 Tactical Officers with Large Hypo's and, if possible, Squad Leader Kit for the heals.
You pull Armek same way as, get very close to him that you can smell his breath and keep shooting him with Sniper Rifle and Full Auto Assault Rifle. The other teammates can shoot Armek from a distance of 25m.
When the Tactical Officer is out of heals, he will die and respawn. Then a other Tactical Officer get very close to Armek and shoot Armek with rifles. If this Tactical Officers one dies, he will respawn and the other Tactical Officers takes it over, etc.

Fighting Armek If you have a Science Officer in team:
Send a Tactical Officer with Squad Leader kit, Large Hypo's and Large Hypos to pull Armek and let him shoot with Sniper Rifle and Full Auto Assault Rifle on Armek in very close range. The Science Officer provide the heals, other teammates shoot on Armek from a distance of 25m and you have Armek much faster dead then a Science Officer with a Bat'leth.

If somehow you fail or Armek beamed back to his original position and Armek personal shield is not full, you can not pull him anymore. Then the whole team will run back to the gate/crossroad, wait few seconds and Armek personal shield is recharged. Now you can pull him again.
And that was the mail. Thank you Superborg for the info. If anyone else has stuff to add, please do.

Happy Anniversary STO!!!

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