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# 1 Fun!
02-02-2011, 01:33 PM
7 hours down time - check
Uncertainty about items till DT was over - check
lots of anger and whining on the forums about previous two items - check

But I had fun once it finally got up, the delta flyers are INSANE they are fast like angry bees, much fun to pvp with in shuttle matches (just make a rule of no fleet support!) and you need incredible reflexes if you plan to keep some one else in the arc of an dual beam bank. (cannons pretty please we want cannons)

Beside that Earth space dock looks awesome and I have never been a fan f the bit mushroom, but seeing it I felt first the first time I was playing an actual star trek game. Just seeing that Icon floating there clearly gave of a very good feeling.

Only let down is I need to buy more ship slots AGAIN, or maybe I just keep to many ships....

Now I be waiting for the Vulcan ship how bad it may be cannon wise I actually like the design and that is quite something for me.

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