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Its not the big problem but:

The Hud looks good as it is. I made it down to 95% and can now give the sensors down to bottom.

But thats nearly all.

May there is a reason why Controlls and Ship are more at the bottom, I even like to give controls on the top. But with this design it looks ugly and has bugs.

Under the engery console is ugly the name displayed, if it is on the bottom, its out of the screen, so i think it was been overlooked.

The two consoles where you can deside between three display types, can not be changed because the controll to change will be out of the display, if you put it on the top or on the right side.

Team player is build to be on the left, shield (because of the round top and bigger scale) can not be placed on the top (except the top edges maybe).

The HUD would be advanced, if the design would be made to look similar/equal good no matter where you place the Console, same height, maybe the possibility to turn.

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