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02-04-2011, 02:12 AM
Originally Posted by Tiberion1701
I have to admit, when I read the title I was thinking something totally different.

Trial, as in levels of achievements, rites of passage, etc. Becoming an Order of the Bat'leth, 3rd order or something.

This would work too, though.

And now I am picturing Phoenix Wright, Attorney at Law style gameplay. It hurts my brain.
I like the idea of more variety in STO gameplay but I am cool to Leviathan99's idea. Don't really want to see the Klingon faction turn into Star Trek: Law and Order

From what I know about them, their culture is much more aggressive than humans. Their "diplomacy" is at the tip of a bat'leth and we'd do well to follow in that vein. Perhaps being sent over to mediate/quell an uprising on an Empire colony is one way to earn DXP (we'd still have to shoot opponents though).
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02-04-2011, 03:30 AM
Well as an answer to the Fed-diplomacy we also could remember that this is not the "Klingon fraction"; it is the Klingon/Orion/Gorn/Nausican fraction. So why not some content for the other parts?

I thinking, as an Orion content for example, of a "new kind" of Raid missions where we would have so raid civil ships to get slaves, wich we can... logicly... sell on slave markets. Rewards could be some kinds of "trophies" in shape of prisoners for the ship interior brigs.
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02-04-2011, 04:42 AM
So I'm getting that some people would not be interested at all.

Thing is, I KNOW there are people who would only be interested in a non-combat Klingon alt.

And just because it's non-combat doesn't make it DIPLOMATIC or non-violent.

I mean, this is about INTEGRITY and BLOOD and TRUTH, about right of VENGEANCE and JUSTICE. About outting the Undine. Klingons are not barbarians but swift and civil. This is how warriors and champions from other empires are integrated with fairness and honor.

This is not necessarily for every Klingon just as Diplomacy is, frankly, not for most Federation players.

But we're talking about the addition of a single map, maybe given some cinematic polish, and an extra kind of scan 5 exploration content, with or without combat around it.

This is about seeking swift truth so the RIGHT man lives and the RIGHT man dies. This is about the PRESERVATION of honor, about the absolute importance of being CORRECT in judgment, about valorous words to match valorous deeds. About those who have the tongue of a loresinger and a heart whose aim is justice.

In its simplest form, it would be a case where your scan 5s are racing on a timed map to scan 5 clues or question 5 witnesses before someone is executed, to ensure that the right person is being executed and honor and justice are being done. Then you have missions where you simply stand in a Klingon courtroom, speak to witnesses and a judgment is rendered based upon you answering questions correctly with a little cinematic camera treatment for "guilty" or "innocent".

(And maybe one of three cinematic endings. One with your client killing his accusers on the spot after being vindicated. One with him or her being sent to Rura Penthe. One with your client being killed on the spot.)

If you want to guarantee this is separated from your exploration content, fine. I don't think it's the Klingon Empire that great men like Martok fought for without a system like this.
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02-04-2011, 05:09 AM
I can see the merits of both sides here. Mirrored content draws away from the uniqueness of each Faction, but Klingon culture isn't all about bloodshed, and their mission content should reflect that, and the Klingon Justice system does seem ripe for exploration, especially considering the plethora of material available from Enterprise, ST VI, TNG, & DS9.

I'm for it, so long as they don't show up in Exploration Clusters the way Fed Diplomacy missions do.

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