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Hey all,

Various reason keep people away from a game like STO, the main probably being: its a Space game, and its based on Star Trek, wich has a rich lore that one needs to know in order to fully appreciate the game (imo)

To attract people other then star trek fans, and for some of us who like to read up on things (like myself) ide like to suggest a "Library computer" in STO, accessable via starbases and maybe even your bridge/captain's ready room. like the current replay missions consoles you would be able to select a race and read up on its history, and the devgods willing, maybe even play "suggested missions" in order to fully understand that faction.

Although here on the site you have a history, having it in game will probably attract more players. Plus give some of us something to do while waiting for your group/pvp queue etc.

You could even put in an accolade for reading everything.

Here's my idea, do with it as you please! Greetz !
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02-04-2011, 04:17 AM
Yup, i heard Starfleet Academy is on the roadmap but nonetheless you are right and cryptic dare you linking us from the ready room to google, lol.

At least a ship/weapon/races/starsystems/planets/historical events/famous characters database would be nice.
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# 3
02-04-2011, 04:23 AM
Waste of dev time. If people want to learn about Star Trek they should drag their asses to and do some research.
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02-04-2011, 04:37 AM
Or they could create a sort of ingame wiki and let us fight over what beam array is best to take down those pesky Romulans ourselves.

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