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# 1 Inflexible payment methods
02-04-2011, 04:58 PM
First, allow me to start with a bit of background to put this situation into context.

I am a Canadian who does some freelance writing work on the side for an American company who pays me through Paypal in American currency. While I can set my bank account to link to Paypal and convert the currency so I can withdraw it, I find it just as handy to use this 'bank' of American currency to use for online purchases, since it is already there and I don't need to use a credit card. In particular I found it especially useful for MMOGs as I could simply have them take their fees from the Paypal bank. Up until recently I was using this method with a certain famous known massively multiplayer game who's subscribers number in the millions with no trouble whatsoever.

When I set up to pay through Paypal for an STO subscription, I was asked to link a credit card to the Paypal account, so if the money was not present it would be retracted from the credit card instead. As I already -had- the money for the account there, I made the decision, perhaps foolishly, to go ahead and do so. Sure enough, come payment time, I received a bit of a surprise.

Cryptic had charged me the fee in Canadian dollars, and completely ignored the American currency (of which there was enough in the account at the time), thus sending the charge to my credit card instead. I went to the support page and submitted a ticket about the issue that, after three days, finally received a response. I quote one particular line in the answer.

"Your billing currency is determined where you are located and your billing address. You will be billed in CAD and not USD."

My next step was to cancel the account, and I will not be continuing with STO anymore, despite the fact I was actually enjoying myself. This isn't a thread whining about the situation, as the decision to link the credit card to the Paypal account was mine in the end. I'm making no demands for money back, nor for changes, simply displaying this information for others to digest as they will. You got me this time, you won't get me again.

If this is simply due to company policy, there's obviously nothing I can do about that, but I believe it is a poor policy, as to put this situation in context I am a potential customer who had the money and was willing to pay to play the game, but because of an inflexible system for accepting payments in a different currency, I won't be playing, or paying at all anymore.

If there are legal considerations to this, I would be curious what they are, along with a reason for why a certain famous company running a certain famous and much larger MMORPG easily ten times the size of this one would not be bound in the same way.

Thanks, but I suppose it isn't going to work out. I enjoyed what little time I had.

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