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Fitst off i half to say dont worry about defending your self or the game regarding those that would attack simply for the sake of a attack.

In regards to the update it self. Excelent job you and your team's in the ESD, and the mission update im very excited with and love verry much. So far my most liked feature is the spacedock and ship area.

I am a lifetime member, and i half to say i have no worry regarding sto where it is, and where you and your team's are taking it.

I expect to get my socks blow off with the new Romulan series and if the updated romulan ship i was just encountering last night was a indication, I hope we get to one day fly those ships. The romulan ship on med setting launched 6 heavy plasma torpedos at once at me each one hitting. Fortunatly i was in mission replay with my va so i was alive but was thinking wow i would have been tost other wise. And then my 2nd thought was il take it! Who do i write the check out to?

In regards directly with the Anniversary part it self i half to say bitter sweet. As for the questions i had a blast with the memorys of the star trek as a whole and was realy enjoying my self with them. The party poper was and still is fun and im sure il pull it out every few months just to go lol shooting tribbles then like the bio weapon leave in my bank.

But the bitter part i have with it is q's day mission the fountain fishing is a real upseting thing and has realy tainted my view of the event it self not the game mind you but of the event. I know i may be the only one making a difference in the event and the update but to me thay are different in the same way as regular missions and new content is a difference from the weekly missions. So maby i tend to compartmentalize things.

As a ideal for next year and to explane my view on Q the morphing was fun for about 5 min afterwords not so much, and as for the reward's. I understand its Q.

However it also left most if not all your players geting greefed and as im sure it was not the intent. It has happened, and requires a major responce to it and quickly! Unlike me as a lifetime member i dont pay monthly for this game but others do.

Consider if you will this as a possible solution leave the fountain as is if you cant recode it, but at the least give the players something that is one to a player and something that would go a long way to setting the event right. such as make personal holo devices like the ones for the ships with no timer on them. Each day that is left or just at the end of the event let the player have the choice of 1 and make the holos part of what Q is morphing players in to. Horta, Cat, targ, ect.

Even let Q say for making a fool of your self all week, here is a Prize, Party Faver, ect as he already states once changed i should leave you like that for a few decades.

In any case take this advice as intended as constructive in a whole and not a attack. And keep up the good work in game and i hope to one day see a Genesis Device and V'Ger.

Not sure how to get a reason for V'Ger maby aniversery 2 with Q again would work?
But in regards to the genesis device. Make it a special power for say Va or the next rank of 61. And make it like abandon ship requiring a damage % to triger the device.

Once trigered the ship becomes invensable but dead with a special fx that lets other ships see the genesis wave is building on board for say 3 seconds.
At the end of the 3 seconds a wave in 360 arc or a ball if you will, expands at a rate of 10 km a sec. To a max of 30 or 3 sec.
If any ship is in range other than the one trigering the event it creates a planet for 3 min then explodes sending parts of the planet like the crystal entity that will damage other ships.
and before any one goes off saying over powered wit the expansion wave and the 3 sec warm up you have 6 sec to get out of range.
And if it hits friend as well as foe well it can be a need to end combat and mover or get a nice score but possible to avoide. Only by the skin of you nacels thow just like Kirk in ST2.
Place a timer on it of say once a day just to make sure you think about when you triger it.

In any case im off to get my socks blown off in the new weekly mission!
Keep up the good work, and I am awating the updates this year esp the crew and crafting ones.
Hope to see a 3 use cloaking device for any ship craftable as well with limitations that is such as aux offline for 3 sec after decloaking then has to repower at a regular rate or such. Its a cloak got to get power from some where =)
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02-05-2011, 10:52 AM
I have to agree Daniel. I see a ton of games every week likerally cross my desk. Right now the only one that still brings me back to it daily is STO and it has done that for a year +. The thing about all MMOs is that while the content from the developers is important the true fun of the game is from what you create with your friends.

I had a BLAST day one of the celebration and a great time every day sense. We held wild parties with dancing, air guitar and just general fun. Since then I have been exploring the content and found a few interesting things. I did not recall for example seeing a Romulan ship deploy a series fo cloaked tractor emmitors before, this caught me off guard. Even more so was the Roumlan Commander in ground combat calling in an Orbital Strike, very cool.

I have noticed little tweaks here and there through out the game that just make me take a step back and smile at how cool this is, something new that I did not see coming.

And please for the love of god do the remastering for more of the story line missions. While other may not be that big on it this effort makes me go back and start a character from scratch to enjoy the new content as a noob all over again.

The team has a lot to be proud of, ignore the whiners that want an instant win button and remember the majority of us love what you have done.

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