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Ok, here me out before you all start the usual flamefest. I was thinking about the proposed system that the devs mentioned in the past of promoting BoFs to playable Captains and thought of a few interesting things. One, instead of making the "playable new captains" be characters for a new characters slot, can they just make them an alt to play as on the current slot? This would be interating if the game's engine allowed such a mechanic to be put into it. You can delegate tasks to your captains under your command to do missions and such. And would increase the difficulty of said missions because you are playing as a captain rather than a Fleet Admiral.

In keeping with this idea, You can assign your newly promoted Captain with one of your old ships and assign him bridge officers from your pool of avaiable ones. These can end up being the ships and crew of your Fleet Admiral's Fleet. This would include the standard Bridge Officer assignments as well as duty officer assignments. keeping with this can send (play as) ;the First Officer, Captain or Head of Security to beam down with the away team to do missions. This would make RP'ing in STO way more immersive.

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