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I was thinking if there was a way to not have the OPS etc windows overlap the window where your scanning for materia. It is kind of annoying to loose the scan because the OPS window pops up in middle of it and thus loosing the pattern...

Perhaps make it so that if your matching pattern that the OPS windows will pop up after it.
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02-07-2011, 02:24 PM
I was about t post on this myself, I would like to add on this point.

While technically the OPS window stays in the "background" it is true that keyboard focus does divert to the new OPS screen even if it is in the background.

Personally I use the Arrow keys on the keyboard to perform the scan min-game not the ones on screen I find this method faster and more accurate.

Back to the Problem:

You have to left click once on the mini-game to gain the focus back. In this process you lose precious (ultimately essential) seconds to align the strands. It is also a mental detraction which really can make tat 5th and final Anomaly a real pain to pull of.

There has to be some way to prioritize the screens? At least in the Cluster Missions that are specific to scanning anomalies.

As a Lifetimer who continues to make consistent purchases on the C-Store because I want to encourage and support steady forward development and operation of STO. I would consider it a great favor if someone in the right department would be willing to take a look into this issue. Sure it's not big, in fact it might even seem minor, that is why I hold hope that it might be simple enough to fix.

It really can be the minor things that really make a difference. At least mentally speaking as I do a lot of data farming for myself and my friends. This problem does pop up frequently enough that it is always on the forefront of my playing thoughts.

I approve this post!

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