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I don't know if this is the right place to suggest this, or if it has been suggested allready, but here it goes.

Right now ... to change to your shuttle, or your delta flyer, or your Runabout (and soon to be your captains yacht), you have to go to a star base and talk to an NPC that opens up the "select ship" screen. To me, this don't really match up with the whole premise of STO .... that I'm in command of my starship, and supposedly these smaller vessels are in my shuttle bay, ready to be launched at my descretion.

I would like to remedy that.

Imagine if you will when you step onto your bridges turbo-lift, there is a new option entitled "SHuttle bay" ... and when you go there, there is an NPC that opens up a modified version of the "select ship" screen that ONLY shows "small" vessels that you own .... say max 4 slots to start .... and could go to C-store to buy more "shuttle bay ship slots" ... when you select the shuttle/flyer etc that you want, you swap ships just like you do now when doing this at a Starbase.

THen, when your done with whatever you were doing and get within a certain distance of your ship, you get the option either a pop up button or somewhere else on the interface to "dock with your ship" which will put you back into your ship.

IMO this would REALLY make the game, and episodes like "The Vault" more like what would happen in an episode of Star Trek ... i.e. your ship heads into that sector of space, and drops off the away team in a shuttle/flyer/runabout in order to sneak into the system.

Just a thought, but one I think would be well worth the effort, especially if more "shuttle play" is planned for future Weekly Episodes .... and I hope there is ... having a reason to improve my shuttle/shuttle equipment adds another dynamic to the game.

I would be curious to hear others thoughts on this.

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