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# 1 Advanced Crafting
02-07-2011, 08:44 PM
In any of the Star Trek series various members of the crew are making modifications to the ship's equipment, improving the performance or altering its function.
After 1650 general crafting players could make upgrade components, other games call them gems or talismans, they would be tradable items that give a boost to what ever they are plugged into. Each class would be able to make a different set of items:

Tac - , damage boosts, plasma DoT modifiers and weapon cool down reducers
Eng - shield power enhancers, weapon power boost, aux power boosts
Sci - deflector array modifiers, sci power cooldown reducers

The sockets they would fit into would be on blue and purple items, 1 slot for blue, 2 for purple. The amount of the modifiers would be less than the consoles provide but they would still make a difference to the players.

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