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02-08-2011, 01:33 PM
Well another idea is the alternate advancement system like everquest 1 and 2 uses but that does not cause old content to be played not does it spread out the player base. It just seems like most ways of further modifying your characters in other MMOs concentrate everyone at the player cap and as soon as any piece of content is released it is instantly devoured.

I was trying to come up with something that does give another way of advancement, allows people to see the game from more angles and also does not just concentrate the player base all at the top. In many other MMOs the longer a game runs the harder it is to play with people that are already there because they are all concentrated at the extreme top and the game stops being newbie friendly. I want something that spreads people out so that the game remains newbie friendly while still allowing advancement.

At least even if someone has reincarnated 20 times and has a lot of powers they will be stronger then a newbie by a lot with a lot of experience but they will be in the right level range and that means that the autogroup system will match them up sometimes and that will be good for old and new players. It is often good for older players to play with newbies just to see how differently others see things.

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