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02-11-2011, 06:46 AM
Arwynn Alexandra Davion

My main character from back when I started playing. Just getting back into the game after a long sabbatical.
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02-11-2011, 07:17 AM
Born in Norway, and after being rejected two years in a row from Star Fleet Academy for falling to pass the entrance exam. He joined Starfleet as a crewmen, and after a couple of short assignments on different ships and stations as a security officer. He was assigned to the USS Tiburon under the command of the highly respected Captain Andersen.

At this position he showed great understanding and interest for engineering. And rose quickly within the enlisted ranks as an engineer, for usually coming up with untraditional and occasionally crazy solution to different problems.

Under an away mission to a new colony on the edges of Federation space. The Tiburon was called away on a distress call and had to leave the away team behind. Shortly after, the colony was attacked by Nausicaan pirates.

Most of his team members, including the First Officer, had been killed or incapacitated in the initial assault. He had also been hit im self several times by disruptor fire, and was seriously wounded. He found himself heavily outmanned and outgunned, without any possibility for help from his ship. He had no other alternative but to take command him self and fight back to survive. By using some intuitive tactics and engineering skills, he managed to hold back the attacking Nausicaan pirates with help of the colonists and surviving team members. The Tiburon returned to the colony shortly thereafter, and managed to repel the pirates.

He spent a month recovering at a Federation medical facility, before returning to the Tiburon. Where he was given a field promotion to Ensign and awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor for his effort.

Due to the pressing need for more captains, as well as repeated requests and recommendations from Captain Andersen, he was finally assigned to Earth Spacedock by Admiral Quinn for evaluation.

After showing great potential during the Borg incident, he was promoted to Lieutenant and was given the command of the USS Fridtjof Nansen
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02-11-2011, 08:33 AM
I know of at least one other thread with bios and links to bios in it.

I really enjoy reading other people's writing about their characters. I haven't yet taken a good look at the earlier posts in this thread, but I will.

I also am working on three blogs with bios and log entries (and other stuff). The addresses are in my sig. I've also linked to some other sites where people have written some good bios, etc. If anyone wants me to link to their site/blog/whatever, let me know.

Just for fun, here's the bio of one of my characters:

Patrick Guinness Donal O’Kennedy (or, in the more Gaelic form he sometimes adopts, Paidraig Guinness Domhnall O’Cinneididh) was the child of Kathleen O’Kennedy, a descendant of the legendary Arthur Guinness and a chemist at the St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, and Timothy O’Kennedy, the director of the adjacent Guinness Institute for Advanced Study (GIAS), which was founded after World War III. (Synthahol was actually invented at the GIAS by accident. It is still regarded as a mistake there.)

Patrick entered Starfleet Academy somewhat later in life. He spent his early years traveling around Earth and throughout the solar system, often working odd jobs on shuttles and orbital rigs. For eighteen months, he also served as an engineering mate on the SS Death Star, an aging interstellar freighter.

While at the Academy, Patrick earned a reputation. Because of his personal charm and his air of self-confidence, he was sometimes compared him to a young James Kirk. True to the comparison, he also displayed what some instructors felt was a contempt for authority. As a teaching assistant in advanced engineering II, he instructed his students how to make beer with spare parts from the demonstration warp core, leading to a now-famous remark by the Academy commandant that a starship is not a brewery. Rumor also had it that he was responsible for a prank in which the Academy’s transporters began reversing the gender of everyone who used them.

Though many of his instructors also complained about his lack of effort, in the end, he excelled in both theoretical and practical work. When the USS Khun Bulom experienced a freak collision with a micro-singularity, Cadet O’Kennedy saved the ship from a warp core breach by increasing the matter-antimatter mix ration to 2:1, clogging the injectors with particle build up—a practice that he learned aboard the Death Star called “flash freezing.”

After leaving the Academy, Patrick was assigned to the USS Kilkee. He is now in command of the USS Ardent.
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02-11-2011, 09:59 AM
My origin story of why I joined Starfleet is so tame, so normal, so uninspiring that it bears telling. I had no great trials to overcome. No barriers to break. No worthy cause to avenge.

One day, my fourth grade class was invited to the USS Richmond, a Cheyenne-class cruiser, for a field trip. Part of the tour was a visit to the bridge. As looked down on New Essex below us, I knew I wanted to join Starfleet. I would be in space. I would have the best dental and medical coverage in the galaxy. And they would let me work with explosives. I really like teeth and explosives. Not at the same time, mind you, but in general.

Three weeks later the Richmond was destroyed by space ninjas or something. But the impression was made upon me and so I set out to accomplish the goal I had set before myself that day. And apart from a brief period in high school when I wanted to be a professional holoprogram author, I have stuck by that goal.

After excelling in school and athletic programs, gaining entry to Starfleet Academy was no big issue. I was initially training for science, until I learned that science positions rarely got to actually do something. Usually they just looked into the sciences viewmaster and said whatever popped into their heads. Engineers however did things. Important things. Like jury-rig a plasma core to take out a squad of boarders. Or wire a warp core to be used as an impromptu mine. Sometimes they even fixed the ship.

So I changed my area of study to Engineering. Practical sciences, the Engineering cadets snidely said to the science cadets. And indeed it was practical. I graduated in the top ten in my class.

I was assigned to the USS Kagutsuchi, a Delta-pattern modified Prometheus-class cruiser on station in the Psi Velorum sector. Mostly we were patrolling for pirates. Romulan and Reman vessels often raided ships in this area, hoping for an easy steal of some cargo. Officially they were free-booting pirates. But everyone with any brains knew they were working for the Empire. How the mighty have fallen. THe once proud Romulans reduced to a pack of scavenging wolves.

As the new Ensign, I got the grunt work. This paid off when I was assigned to lead a boarding party against a suspected Reman pirate vessel. It was a pirate vessel. It also had a class-A psyker aboard. He made Chief Elb's head explode when we found him. I knew how to deal with psykers though. I never thought those novels would come in handy, but they did. It was then I began to trust in a higher power. The Empress. Somehow, my head did not explode and I put the psyker down with a phaser shot.

For that, I got a promotion to Lieutenant. Apparently the psyker had also disabled the entire boarding team and they were about to be murdered by the Remans. Even better, I was moved to the bridge and a comfy chair.

When the Borg attacked the Vega system the Kagutsuchi, being one of the Federation's most powerful attack cruisers, was recalled to Vega. A warp cavitation caused to arrive late. By then, much of the battle was over. The USS Coridan however was in dire straits...
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02-11-2011, 03:53 PM
I thought I would post my bio here, because someone linked this thread to me in another thread. I wanted to share my creativity and amateur role-play skills.

My avatar is a pic of my main toon in game. I made him to look like a klingon.

Screen shots of my main toon:

I think my toon's bio would explain things better. I wrote it myself.

It's made up, I know. But it was my first attempt at roleplay, so I was trying to use my imagination.

Here's my toon's bio:
Species: Klingon/Jem'Hadar Hybrid


Born 2397, Patch is the product of Klingon DNA spliced
with a Jem'Hadar clone. He has two sets of organs just
like normal Klingons. He would look like any normal
Klingon Humanoid, except that they contain the strengths
of both races and none of their weaknesses. They are
unique in this aspect because they are the only survivor
of this whole line of experiments. The lab where this took
place was conquered by the Federation. It was later
destroyed after it was deemed inhumane to experiment with
the DNA of a species based on clones. In this case, this subject was fortunate that they contain none of the recessive genes. Being the pride of the Federation for their ironic discovery, Patch's application to join the Academy was automatically accepted. Graduated at the top of their class, the first and only one of their kind to receive such an honor. Like
the most notably Jean-Luc Picard, Patch survived assimilation into the Borg collective.
The Borg is their chosen nemesis. They have sworn since their miraculous escape, that they will stop at nothing till every last Borg is freed or extinct.
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02-13-2011, 06:13 PM
My Science Officer

Chitirih Ra-Dreii
Current posting Assigned to the Vulcan Science Academy, Through Starfleet Special Services In Command of the Vulcan Research Vessel V.R.V. I-CHAYA on an exploration and survey mission of the B Tran Cluster and surrounding systems.

Birthdate: Stardate: 356210.21- 2358 Earth Calender
Enrolled at the Denobulan Academy of Science Stardate: 56218.39
Graduated Valedictorian Stardate: 63219.22 with a Masters in Xenobiology
From Stardates: 63386.24 until 65384.91 Worked for the University of Alpha Centauri studying the native species of Caraway 4
Enrolled in Starfleet Academy Stardate: 65636.91
Graduated with rank of full Lieutenant Stardate: 69637.00
First posting Stardate: 69721.87 assigned to Space Station Deep Space 5 as Chief Science Officer
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander Stardate 71638.41
Transfered to U.S.S. Yamato and promoted to Commander Stardate: 77218.15
U.S.S. YAMATO was destroyed during the Klingon invasion of Korvat Stardate: 82009.49
Assigned to the U.S.S. ZIMMERMAN as first officer Stardate: 82639.33
Promoted to Captain on Stardate: 88473.81
Appointed to Captain of the U.S.S. ZIMMERMAN Stardate: 88473.82
Reassigned to Starfleet Special Services as Liaison to the Vulcan Science Academy Stardate: 88638.09
Appointed to Captain of the Vulcan Research Vessel V.R.V. I-CHAYA Stardate: 88723.2

Commendations awarded:
Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
Cochrane Medal of Excellence
Palm Leaf of Axanar Peace Mission
Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
Starfleet Silver Palm
Campbell Award
Okuda Award
Vulcanian Scientific Legion of Honor

Personal History:
The second Ra-dreii to carry the name and serve in Starfleet.
Named for his Great Grandfather who served aboard the U.S.S. SARATOGA, and later was appointed Efrosian Ambassador to Earth.
Chitirih was born on the planet Efros at the age of 20 enrolled at the Denobulan Academy of Science where he studied Xenobiology and Xenophysiology. After spending his Internship on Caraway 4 against the wishes of his family he enrolled to Starfleet Academy where he was promptly accepted. Upon his Graduation he was assigned to Deep Space 5 as the Chief Science Officer Where he spent several years Studying the development of the Lotian Species. After requesting reassignment so that he may have an opportunity to serve aboard an exploration vessel he was assigned to the U.S.S. YAMATO as Chief Science Officer. The YAMATO was on assignment in the Hromi Cluster when it was called to respond to the Klingon Invasion of Korvat. The YAMATO was destroyed with only 122 of the 1124 person crew surviving. Before his next posting Chitirih underwent Command training at Starfleet headquarters. Upon completion he was assigned as first officer to the U.S.S. ZIMMERMAN. After the Death of Captain Valtine RA-dreii was given a field promotion to Captain he Commanded the ZIMMERMAN for several months before Applying to be part of the newly formed Starfleet Special Services. This organization was established to assist Federation members by utilizing Starfleet Personnel with deep space experience onboard civillian exploration vessels. After a few months of preperation he took command of the I-CHAYA wich is currently deployed in the B Tran Cluster.
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02-15-2011, 08:08 AM
I've been recently rebuilding some of my character bios, since I apparently accidentally deleted the file I kept them on. Hopefully the new ones are better than the old, and they will fit within the character limits the game apparently has for bios. I'm posting only the two captains I've redone so far; posting the crew along with them would take up too much space.

Vice Admiral Nicolai Kovac
One of Starfleet’s up and coming captains, Nicolai Kovac had originally intended to become a fighter pilot with the militia forces of his native Hestia. At the time, however, advancement through the crowd ranks of the Hestian militia was considered a near impossibility, so the ambitious Kovac transferred to Starfleet Academy after his second year. Even at the Academy, he showed an impressive grasp of military strategy and some skills in engineering, but never showed very much aptitude, or interest, in the sciences; he often acknowledges the latter as the reason why he graduated in the top 20 of his class instead of the top 10. He first achieved notoriety during the Battle of the Tibor Nebula in 2374; the battle itself was a stalemate, but Kovac’s actions that day resulted in the disabling, and then destruction, of a Dominion battleship. After the war, Kovac was offered command of four other starships before the Kearsarge, but turned them down for various reasons. As a commander, Kovac is noted by his subordinates and peers as a confident, easy going, yet unconventional commander who will often socialize with those in the lower ranks, believing that while a captain should keep a certain distance between himself and his crew, it doesn’t mean he has to socially ostracize himself.

Captain K'Traug
K’Traug was born a mach ghoti’, or “runt” as the humans would say, and as such it was never thought that he’d have much of a career as a warrior. But K’Traug was born with a high intellect and soon discovered he had an aptitude for the sciences, so decided that if he was not fated to be a warrior, he would become one of the Empire’s foremost scientists. He specializes in cartography, both stellar and planetary, and his Bird-of-Prey, the IKS Sekhmet, has been specially modified for this task. K’Traug and the Sekhmet have mapped much of the territory within the Empire, as well as several regions outside its borders, and because of this, it’s not uncommon for the Sekhmet to be sent behind enemy lines to scout the positions and strengths of the forces. Most of the warrior elite sneer at K’Traug’s career choice, but he pays them little heed; after all, the most successful warrior is a well informed warrior.
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02-25-2011, 03:44 AM
This was recently updated to incorperate the Ten Forward into it.

Captain 'Freakazoid' Sun was the by-product of the very old classic cartoons of the 1980's and 90's, often spending most of his time either watching old cartoons or collecting memorabilia, including a functional 1990's computer with a genuine Pinnacle chip inside.

According to rumors at Starfleet Academy, he once slept with four female Orion cadets at the same time and resisted the combined allure of their pheremones. There is also another event that occured, but it was declared classified, and requires three Admirals with gamma-level clearance to view the report.

Ever since the incident at the Academy, he has both frustrated and impressed his superiors with his unorthodox and seemingly impossible manuvers.

However, because of his eccentric nature, his peers are often seen talking about him whispering rumors about his various exploits and methodologies. Some blame the Q, whereas others simply attribute his oddities to having spent too much time watching old films and footage.

Others simply claim that he never should've been a cadet in the first place, and often wonder how he passed the psychological examination. The councilor who did the examination could not be reached for comment.

There were rumors of his admission having to do with an extremely irate officer who was the victim of a prank. Witnesses claim they saw her running back to her room screaming bloody murder. Others claim there was clothing deposited onto the hull of the ship that was docked there for retro-fitting.

Recently due to an evaluation, Vice Admiral Sun was demoted to the rank of Commander and assigned to the USS Ten Forward-A for making a complete fool of several members of the Admiralty, calling them "over-glorified paper tigers and rear echelon mother f***ers" for wasting away in an office safe behind the lines whilst problems are arising in the Fleet.
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A descendant of legendary Imperial Guard Commander Hravishran th'Zoarhi, Hravishrev th'Loknar was critically injured in an Orion raid on his home colony of Kei III. The chan and zhen of his shelthreth were killed in the attack, but his shen survived and was taken, presumably as a slave, by the Orion pirates.

Shrev made a painful recovery, but knew he could not allow grief and anger to consume him. Quick with his hands as well as his temper, he joined Starfleet with the ultimate goal of finding and rescuing his surviving bondmate, and avenging himself upon any Orion who crosses his path.

"Let your woes become your deadliest weapons." -- Andorian saying
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# 20 Vulcan Science Vice Admiral
02-25-2011, 04:16 AM
Born on Vulcan in 2311, Solek son of Selok acquired an early fascination with lore surrounding the adventures and achievements of the legendary Ambassador Spock. Upon completion of his studies at the Vulcan Science Academy, Solek was appointed to a postgraduate fellowship involved in red matter research, which led to his participation in the upgrade of the Jellyfish starship during the Hobus incident. This afforded him a brief association with his idol, as well as renowned Starfleet Engineer Geordi La Forge.

Solek later withdrew from the Science Academy over the controversy regarding Vulcan's unsanctioned development of red matter technology. He was also troubled by evidence indicating that the entire Hobus tragedy could have been averted had the Vulcan Science Council chosen to act sooner. After undergoing and attaining the kolinahr discipline, Solek determined that joining Starfleet was the most logical course to follow in service to the needs of the many.

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