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The Zox symbiote was born on Trill in 2221 and was joined with its first host, Yerel, in 2239. A talented Starfleet tactical officer, Yerel Zox served briefly aboard the legendary Constitution-class U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike. In 2262 he accepted a posting to Starfleet Academy as an instructor in starship targeting systems, where the famed Pavel Chekov was once counted among his students.

Amorea was the second host to be joined with Zox, in 2301. She served in the Federation Science Bureau and worked extensively with Dr. Gillian Taylor of the New Cetacean Institute. In 2310 Amorea Zox participated in an oceanographic survey of the planet Pacifica led by Taylor with the humpback whale Harpo, son of 20th-century transplants George and Gracie.

The symbiote was joined with its third, and current, host in 2393. An accomplished warp theorist, Derve experienced some initial difficulty integrating the memories of Zox's former hosts, but undertaking the zhian'tara rite brought reconciliation and a new direction. The symbiote's affinity for Yerel's adventures in the 23rd century led Derve Zox to join Starfleet, where he now serves with distinction in the Corps of Engineers.
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Born on Qo'noS in 2371, Kr'Gret is the son of Mog, son of Nog'dtum, of the House of Kruge. The line of M'Kkshi places them in direct descent of the legendary Kruge himself, who met his honor in mortal combat with the tera'ngan 'IqnaH QaD James Tiberius Kirk in 2285.

Kr'Gret's father was an honored Imperial Marine HoH serving in the Qabjech Exploratory Fleet aboard the I.K.S. K'nel. The K'nel was listed as missing shortly before Kr'Gret's Rite of Ascension, provoking great uncertainty within the young warrior. Was Mog permitted to meet death with honor? Does he thus serve Kahless the Unforgettable in the Black Fleet of Sto-vo-kor? Or did he sail with Kortar the First on the Barge of the Dead to the fire and icy wastes of Gre'thor?

Kr'Gret joined the Klingon Defense Force and the ranks of the Grand Imperial Fleet with the personal mission of determining his father's fate while securing his own glory as a warrior of the Empire.

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Cheesey - but i was having rather a few beers when i wrote this and Voyager was on the idiot box

Vice Admiral Erika

Born in 2380 The niece of the Federation explorer & borg expert Admiral Janeway. Erika Grew up learning the principles and ideals of the federation and at the age of 17 signed up to Starfleet and after a turbulent few years at the academy She decided upon grauating to take some leave and before taking an assignment.

Erika faced a terrible ordeal that stole 2 years of her life when she was assimilated by the borg when on a shuttle to Risa - she was liberated by Seven of Nine and her activist group.

After alot of help from friends and family she managed to regain what was taken from her and began to embrace the only things the borg gave her - Clarity of though and the belief that all things are possible, So when war broke out she took a starship assignment swearing to protect the Federation way of life at all costs.

Erika has a very easy going and friendly way about her but when her ship, crew or friends are in danger she is quick to put her life on the line to protect them and will use the most deadly of force to make sure she does just that.
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VADM Semmes

Rachael Alderman Semmes is one of Starfleet’s newest captains, and arguably one of the more notorious members of their ranks. She claims to be descended from the infamous Confederate commander Raphael Semmes, though given her penchant for telling tall tales about her past, most regard that claim with a fair amount of skepticism. During her Academy years, she was infamous for pulling a variety of pranks on her classmates and even instructors; while usually harmless, they did land her in trouble from time to time. She was, and still is, also renowned for the number of lovers she’s taken over the years, ranging across a variety of species and genders. Given her reputation, many of her peers were astonished when she was given command of the Albemarle, let alone a starship at all. But she’s proven on more than one occasion that she is an instinctual and effective commander, and she enjoys the duties that command gives her. She and fellow captain Nicolai Kovac have been friends since their Academy days, and actually had a bet on who would obtain command of a starship first. Semmes won by two months and continues to teasingly remind him that he owes her a case of Romulan kali-fal.
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Vice Admiral Julian Walker
Captain, U.S.S. Eidolon

Born outside of Federation space, Julian was the product of the inherent closeness between two people on a long-term, deep space exploration mission. His parents were members of the Federation studying gravtiational forces beyond the spiral arms of the Milky Way, which forced Julian to begin his life on a cramped Nova-class vessel.

The first three years of his life were psychologically difficult. Not only was Julian's presence a taboo as birth control methods were common on board the Hermes, but most of the boy's education and social interaction came from an emergency medical hologram with programming haphazardly altered to support the child.

Upon returning to Federation space, Julian was placed into a public schooling facility. While excelling in mathematics, the physical sciences, history, and oddly enough athletics, Julian suffered greatly from an inability to socialize. His stellar academics and a paper on the necessity of government intervention on morally ambiguous matters of state led to a recommendation to become joined. The date for Julian's acceptance to Starfleet coincided with his date to be joined with the Vorell symbiote, and so a special dispensation was issued to permit the process.

The Vorell symbiote had previously been engaged in battles against the Klingon and Romulan Empire, including recently the Borg. With a storied history in battle, the Vorell symbiote brought to Julian a knowledge of tactics that, coupled with his background in history and the sciences, may prove deadly as the two areas of his psyche collide. Allegations arose that the Symbiosis Committee was pressured by Starfleet to admit Julian based on the potential volatility of his personality, but such accusations are baseless and come from a disenfranchised portion of the Trill population.
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Commander Hemingway: Current Assignment: USS Kepler:

The being known only as Hemingway is in reality a synthezoid - a synthetic organic being somewhat akin to an advanced alien android. Found in deep space aboard a derelict spaceship - preserved in stasis and created as an emergency service crewman for the long-dead race that it served - Hemingway was brought back to the Federation and studied.

Once its self-awareness and sentience had been established, however, it was determined that this synthezoid could determine its own destiny. Choosing its name from Terran literature, the seemingly tireless Hemingway (for Hemingway neither needs to eat, breathe, nor sleep as most of its cellular energy is supplied by its skin surface) applied for an entered Starfleet Academy to serve the goals of the United Federation of Planets.


Commander Hemingway has no gender, nor has it any capability to reproduce - it is sexless in that regard (and finds mating rituals between species to be interesting - although Hemingway has been propositioned at times by species of both (or other) genders - usually when they have imbibed too much alcohol.)

As noted:: Hemingway does not need sleep, nor does it breathe, such acts as eating and taking in of water is normally only done as social etiquette. Hemingway's skin surface is a complex system of radiation collectors and converters to absorb radiation sources and turn them into power for its body. Thus Hemingway 'feeds' off of radiation sources including thermal, infrared, ultraviolet, and many others This has proven useful as Hemingway can enter a highly radioactive area of the ship (a damaged warp or impulse engine room, for example) with no ill effects. Its ability to eat humanoid food is merely another processor system for additional power (and to not make dinner guests nervous)

Because of its nature, Hemingway is immune to the effects of poisons, drugs, and alcohol. Hemingway does not feel pain - at least not in the way a human (for example) does. The equivalent to pain for Hemingway is an alert that it is either under attack, or a notification that some body part is damaged and requires repair.
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# 27 Dra'ko
03-01-2011, 03:49 AM

Dra'ko is half Ver'Hati and half Romulan from Ver'Hati Prime. The Ver'Hati were once an alien member race of the Romulan Star Empire but since the distruction of Romulus and the Reman uprising the Ver'Hati broke away from what was left of the Romulan Star Empire.

The Ver'Hati kept strong diplomatic relations with the empire and gradually built diplomatic relations with the United Federation of Planets. The Ver'Hati are at a unique position between both powers and Ver'Hati Prime has become host to several peace negotiations between the Federation and the Romulan Empire. The Ver'Hati Imperial Council decided to send 10 Imperial Guard Commanders to serve in StarFleet and 10 Imperial Guard Commanders to serve in the Romulan Military as a show of solidarity to both powers.

The Ver'Hati wishes to remain as an observer race with the Federation and membership to the United Federation of Planets has been kindly declined by the Ver'Hati Imperial Court and by the Imperial Council.

As part of the bilateral none intervention treaty with the Federation the location of Ver'Hati Territory and primarily Ver'Hati Prime has remained classified and only key Federation Officials have access to this information. However it is Generally known that Ver'Hati Territory is located at the other end of the Khazon Cluster
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Doctor T'Kara

Doctor T’Kara is one of Starfleet’s best medical minds and most gifted surgeons, though many of her patients often complain about her “lack of bedside manners.” Her personality is best described as “stoic” and she appears to be as devoted to logic as the average Vulcan. But no Vulcan is totally without emotion; they are just more practiced at hiding them and T’Kara is no exception. Her seemingly icy demeanor and personality hide a compassionate individual whose only real ambition in life was to help others, thus her decision to become a physician. Those who have worked with her and gotten to know her have admitted that her devotion to Vulcan philosophy makes her hard to know, but once one learns how to read her *very* subtle emotional changes, she makes as good a commander and friend as any more emotional character. T’Kara’s years of service have earned her the command of the medical ship Godspeed and is currently assigned to the relief efforts to the Romulan Empire after the destruction of their capital planet. It was an assignment that she requested, despite – or perhaps because of - the current hostilities between the Romulans and their Vulcan cousins.

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