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02-17-2011, 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by Section-31 View Post
Thank you! A VA still has the same amount of skill points as any other VA in game right now.
That's not the point of what I'm concerned about.

Originally Posted by Section-31 View Post
By "exploiting" a feature like this they won't gain any advantage. In fact, they're going to end up not doing as well as if they'd leveled the normal way.
This too, isn't what I'm concerned about although I've heard that story before and it still did not stop people from exploiting when they could.

Originally Posted by Section-31 View Post
It's far more important to offer players the ability to, not just create costumes for enemies, but determine what weapons they use and such. It just doesn't feel like a new race that I've created when they come at me with the same weapons/behaviors as other enemy groups.
I agree entirely, however, I'm sorely aware that if authors are allowed to customize enemies, this feature in the hands of an exploiter min/max'er would lead to specialized farming missions which may eventually steal precious star-ratings from honest story-based missions.

It is that which I am concerned with. Farming missions rising to the top of the list because they offer faster SP gain in comparison to other Foundry missions. I suppose this will happen anyway, but with NPC customizations it could become even worse.

I also wish to remind everyone that I'm not against this feature and have always wanted it added to the Foundry. I simply wish to express my concern and state that if I have to give up SP-rewards for customized NPC's so the adding this feature will not lead to skewed mission-ratings, I'm willing to do just that.
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02-20-2011, 01:24 PM
Im pritty Shure that this has been sugjested before, I agree with this, easy way to avoid Exploits, Foundery Missions Give No skill points for anything, nor have any loot.
Adjusting Guns would Affected Dmg would it not,

Things that SHOULD be adjustable;
HP, Armor, Shields, Dmg (WIthen Reason), Movement speed, Abilitys, Appearance Of Course, Fraction (So u can put ur race next to say Cardassians without them killing eachother), Their Regeneration, and being able to Flag as a boss (So U can have 1 enimy in a group that can say, beam down groups at certain points, and there can only be 2 bosses per map, and Bosses can have extream HP, Armor, Shields, And Dmg)

Cant be Adjusted;
Skill Point gain (There will be none), Loots (There will be none),3500>HP+shields>250 (To Avoid Slaughters)

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