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I'm a VA1 Fed Klink who usually mixes it up in melee with a bat'leth. Only playing on normal difficulty.

My standard BO setup usually consists of 2 Tactical officers, 1 Science, 1 Engineer.

I usually don't have a particularly hard time in ground combat, but while searching around in Delta Volanis for various materials I decided to enter a ground combat mission to break up the farming.

Ended up fighting 5 patrols of Klingons, each contained a Swordmaster, and I'm aware of their power. My team got wiped out 2-3 times fighting those 5 groups, but managed to finish the mission.

I decided to enter another ground combat mission to see if I was just unlucky.

This one came against some Boktians, a Cryptic created race I'm assuming. My party got stomped by these guys too.

Granted I've been away for a bit but as a bat'leth wielder I never had any problem staying alive in the thick of combat.

So did something change or am I getting extremely unlucky?
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-10-2011, 05:34 AM
I barely die on normal level but every now and then some guys manage to kill me. Klingon sword masters , sometimes even Breen. I have to admit i am too lazy to switch armor and tribble buffs. Swords do kinetic/physical damage, putting on the right armor helps and you should keep stunning them. Phaser stun pistol (Tos Type 2) and an exploit weapon (Tos rifle) works. Always staying with your group (medical tricorder range) is another advise. I know it's hard against Borg or Swordmasters approaching you.
I usually start with tossing a photon grenade (stun/knockback Tac ability) to get me a few seconds extra. Using "fire at my target" is good to take out the boss fiirst, i usually diminsh the overall threat first by killing the weaker ones.

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