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Q: Case_Wintermute: Will there ever be a revamp of the skill system regarding ship skills? Specially for Vice Admirals there are just too many specific ship skills. What if someone wants to fly more than one type of ship or even shipclass? It just costs too much points to fly 2 or 3 or more ships effectively.

A: We are discussing both simple and radical changes that could be made to the skillpoint system, and we are still deliberating on exactly how we want to resolve the issue you point out. One popular idea is to break up skillpoints between ground and space so that you don't have to decide which region to focus on. Another radical idea is to restrict the ship classes you can fly to your captain's class until later levels. This would mean that if your captain was a Tactical officer, she could only fly escorts up until admiral ranks. This along with a restructuring of the space skillpoint tree could lead to some clearer skillpoint choices later on in ranks. Just an idea, nothing confirmed yet. I'm interested what you all would think of this.

this was copied and pasted from the original source here:

Now then, my answer to the highlighted part in particular is NO, I do not like that idea in the slightest. In fact most of my toons have ships that are not their specialty.

so I am not in favor.
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02-11-2011, 03:00 PM
Big thread about this here, with a dev response and everything. I agree, it's a terrible idea.

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