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02-16-2011, 02:44 PM
A Ferengi Marauder would be awesome as one of my main characters is a Ferengi.
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Originally Posted by claydermunch View Post

proper EMP shielding of your starship is like, the total basic thing when going out into space, leaving the protective magnetic field of your homeworld.

Or for that matter entering the deathtrap that is for example, jupiter's magnetic field which will seriosously kill the living shiite out of you, your systems and whatever else if you do not come prepared.

Star Trek featured several weapons/devices that could shut down starships, none of them were emps. most actually relied on making contact with the ships power-infrastructure by seeping through some of the more attackable systems (weapons are a favorite here due to their direct linkage to the ships powersystems.)

The Breen dampener for example was one mean cloud of overloading fizzling down all your double redundant systems, making it like a big field trip for the effect to traverse your ships bowels.

Kudos to the klingons here: their Method of ship building is applied made of suck after all, so their circuit breakers cought that breen fizzle thingy by the neck and kicked it in the guts right when it came knocking.

Que them'****** fighters ramming into klinker ships because apparently ramming your fully functional vessel into a ship the klingon build as, use and think of as "swams, MOAR SWARMS!!!!!" type of kamikaze glory boat (the BoP) is so much better an idean than, like, shooting them with the weapons on your fully functional vessel....

oh but i digress....

Other forms of disable usualy are linked to feedbacks of various kinds, with myriads of methods of delivery.

EMP as a weapon? nah..... your ship needs to be shielded against radiantion like that at any rate or else your crew will die horribly.

(kirk learned that lesson for all of starfleet when he ate a huge nuke while out hunting a romulan space... submarine... captain.....who did warp travel distances... on impulse... oh well... lets ignore this episode before we get an aneurism...)
Look, I meant "EMP" as a figurative term for "weapon that disables." I know my stellar phenomena and my sci-fi, there's no need to grill me for about a half-a-dozen paragraphs for a figure of speech. I don't normally get irate over things as trivial as forum posts, but when I apologize for a mistake that I acknowledge that I myself made and someone's response is to quote my post and make me look like a fool, then I don't appreciate it.

Now let's get back to the topic at hand, please.

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