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Instead of coming to the edge of a sector and seeing this big banner in outer space, your BO asks if you want to set course for X sector. (Why do they say "Would you like to warp to..."? I thought we were ALREADY at warp?) You say yes, then the game cuts to a scene of your bridge, just as if you were visiting it. The camera is anchored in the center, but lets you pivot it around 360 degrees for a few seconds. The game shows your captain in his chair, maybe nodding in agreement to his BO next to him, or giving the Engage sign. On the viewscreen, if you swing the camera that way, you see stars still warping by, but its just generic. In those 3-4 seconds, you see yourself, your bridge, your emote, and check to see your BOs arent slacking off, and then flash, you are in your new sector. Instead of going to a still wallpaper zoning screen.

If you chose no, you simply bounce off an invisible wall, minus the banner, and must turn the ship back in towards the sector.

Beats what we got now, and the game already knows how to show us our Captain in his chair, and give us camera control.

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