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02-27-2011, 05:40 AM
I don't mind the C-Store adding cosmetic items only.

My complaint is that

A) Pre-Order items shoudl've stayed exclusive or Pre-Orderers should've gottten some compensation. (Gal-X people did, twice the amount the ship was worth)

B) Too much stuff with in-game effects. It should be cosmetic only and the services section.

And not every single new uniform should go in the C-Store, SOME should be in the normal paid subscription from time to time.
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02-27-2011, 06:26 AM
Originally Posted by goetzjam View Post
I agree with the original poster, I threw a fit when I heard that the lifetime sub was on sale, not only did I buy it when it was "meant" to be exclusive to preorder only, but to offer a discount a year after and give us (the ones that bought it a year ago) nothing....?
This argument is makes absolutely no sense and is slightly off topic. You lost nothing here, in fact you paid $120 less than the rest of us who didn't buy into the LTS at first. The very simplest of math demonstrates you weren't harmed in any way by other players saving $50 a year later.

Originally Posted by Krowseye
I still say 500 emblems is to high. 200 would be better. This is the only game I've ever played were if I want new stuff, you have to shell out more money than your sub. The line that the devs, or whoever puts this stuff in the cstore, will give you is that you can play the game fine without the stuff in the store. Cstore stuff doesn't change the gameplay & you can get them ingame via emblems, as long as you don't mind the month or more grind to get 500 of them bad boys.

A good example of them pushing cstore stuff is with the Delta Flyer. It was good timing to put it in there at the same time they put out a new feature episode that requires a shuttle craft to do it. Now if they had put the craftable one out at the same time as the cstore one, it wouldn't be a problem. They knew that lots of players wanted the flyer & would fork out the money to buy it for the feature mission that requires a shuttle. True that you can do the mission without it & use the other shuttles ingame. I did on 2 of my alts & had no problems finishing the mission. It's the fact that it was the Delta Flyer that made people want it so bad.
**Side Note: I have bought most of the ship skins, ships, some species, & other stuff from the store. Sadly, after buying them & actually playing, I didn't like most of them. Gal-X, Explore Refit, Excel, Guramba, Varanus, Maurader, Nebula refit, NX replica I didn't like. Only ones I got that I actually play on is the Interpid refit & the Defiant refit.
Yeah, 500 is definitely up there. 200 was reasonable, 250 or 300 would be pushing it to be per-character. 500 should be account-wide. And yeah, they definitely got quite a few people with the Delta Flyer thing, I wonder how reasonable the crafting daily will be. And as long as we have people buying out the C-Store like yourself, this trend will continue.
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02-28-2011, 01:35 PM
One of the most compelling C-Store arguments I've seen, so much so that I read the entire thing from top to bottom without skimming.

I agree with every point you've made. The C-Store selling (so many) game-impacting items is the sole reason that I have not been able to convince at least 5 of my friends, including my roommate, to play this game with me.

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