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02-13-2011, 10:29 AM
Originally Posted by CrimsonSpot
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
What would be great is if we could beam away from the surface, get a cutscene of our ship flying by, and then beam into our ship's transporter room. We then can walk to our ready room, bridge, ten forward, lab, or whatever Denouement Room you choose for any given mission.
Please make it so, that would be fantastic!
Originally Posted by DentonEX View Post
Great idea! The transporter room would be the ideal starting point for the other ship interiors.
Originally Posted by Monkey_Who
...Totally AWESOME idea!!!
Thanks to CrimsonSpot, Denton, and Monkey_Who for the support.

Originally Posted by Kraevac View Post
I'd have to say that I like the idea overall. That being said, I agree that always starting or ending in the ready room would get boring... I like the idea and think that there are a ton of ways to start and end missions, all we have to do is look back at episodes of TV shows and movies...
I also agree with Kraevac. I'm all for starting and ending in the Ready Room... But as we've said we can't do it always... Variety being the spice of life and all. Some missions it's the Ready Room, others it's the Lounge or Sick Bay, Shuttlebay or Engineering. Or our Arboretum where our pets are chillin'...

And sometimes it's just headlong into Red Alert and the fight!
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02-13-2011, 10:31 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
its a tattoo i believe, like nero.
Yeah its hard to tell, you never do get a 100% clear look at that side of his face, in just about ever cutscene the angle is from the right and not the left. Hense why I asked.
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02-13-2011, 10:37 AM
Just finished the mission and I must say, another home run for cryptic

The good:

-cutscenes and voice overs
-the town where you have to talk to people...very "Trek"
-Plenty of class specific, diplomacy, and optional objectives
-Decryption puzzle
-Part of mission takes place in ready room
-Not too much fighting and plenty of story

The bad:

-Mission seems to be bugged. The first time I tried it was with a group of 3 other people....after talking to the Romulan guy in the caves, we never got the remaining Romulan mobs, so never got the "Examine Camp" objective. I think this was caused by our team members having different diplomacy levels.

One of the guys on our team looked like he had a low level, whereas I had a high level (Envoy, I think)...we both talked to the Romulan, and that's when it got bugged...killed the group in the next room and never got the rest.

Awesome mission, guys.
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# 124 Enemy Mine!
02-13-2011, 10:43 AM
What can I say about Enemy Mine (and by extension The Vault): Well worth the wait.

I was impressed by the Vault, but Enemy Mine blew me away. From the look of the mining camp to the cinematic voice over sequences, to the Horta melting the romulan, you devs have really done a fantastic job.

Can't wait for next weeks mission.

p.s. I'm digging my Horta pet.
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02-13-2011, 10:49 AM
I just finished "Mine Enemy" and I must say it was the best mission episode to date. I guess I was lucky that I did not encounter any bugs. Though I did encounter lag - this was probably due to the sheer amounts of people trying the mission at the same time :p

Some things I really enjoyed:

- The Mining Facility itself (Atmosphere of workers etc... was brilliant)
- The Cutscenes/Voiceovers
- The Mine collapse at the end (Felt like I really needed to run away from the collapsing mine)
- Having use of the ready room

If I had any criticism at all - it would just be to add some sort of "lift" cutscene when descending and ascending from the mine instead of a blank loading screen. But other than that Great Stuff!

Well done!
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02-13-2011, 11:28 AM
Originally Posted by BreannaSkye View Post
I do have one question though, something I noticed about our bad guy this he a liberated borg? Or was I just imagining the fact he had a borg implant down the side of his face?
I'll screen cap it when I run through it on my other chars. It does look remarkably like that one piece of lib-borg facial ware, the one with long spidery tendrils. I thought the same thing you did.
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02-13-2011, 12:25 PM
I've completed the initial mission twice ( 2 charactors ). I must say I did enjoy it thoroughly. Although the first time I did NOT get the patterns for the beam weapons. Seems like there were a couple of minor items missing that we did not get with our primary toon come to think of it.

However, with our engineering toon it was really nicely done (even the big explosion at the end was VERY clear !

By the time we got to "MINE ENEMY" I was really looking forward to the entire episode. I was not quite sure what to make to make of the "enemy" Romulans that was "necessary" to fight out in the village area. "Knock unconscious" would be a better option if we're trying not to stir up trouble unless absolutely neccessary.

Once inside the mine ... excellent ! I did not get to see the horda even though I went into the right areaa although there were all sorts of the eggs to be seen. (I must not have gone deeply enough.) NICE work on the cave BTW.

Nice touch with the cave in at the end !

Voice overs are working nicely !

Over all .. if the Dev team keeps this sort of thing up ... they're going to mess around and have a first class game on their hands !

Keep up the good work! This sort of thing makes for a really good change of pace AND keeps our interest in what is going on !
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02-13-2011, 01:48 PM
Just did the Klingon side, and it really didn't feel Klingon.

1) You are attacked by Orions from the beginning, what happened to the alliance?

2) Being nice to Ferengi and Romulans?

BTW, Klingons not allowed the Horta Accolade?
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02-13-2011, 01:58 PM
Screenshot of Hakeev

Definitely a Liberated Borg. Wonder if this ties in with our favorite assimilated Romulan.
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02-13-2011, 05:11 PM
Well I completed the mission on all my characters, and about ot replay on my Commander 6 alt (b/c he recieved NO XP) and I can say the mission overall was great, and the environment was amazing.

-Bugs: Romulan miner causing miscount in kill hostile Romulans
-Voice overs: Hakeev's voice going in and out, resulting in only a few words being heard.
-Diplomacy options causing hostile actions.

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