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The cycling button that lets you "choose" your response has some serious issues - at least for players who have less than optimal latency.

As far as I can tell, this tech has been used 3 times:

For the "Quiz" options in Mine Enemy

In last week's episode for the cycling door code (before you get the universal unlock code)

Behind the scene's for Q's "Quiz" quest during the anniversary.

(I haven't played through on the rest of my chars, so I dunno if the other classes have similar "Quizzes" or not.)

In all three instances, the button is "non-responsive" unless you spam-click the button to make a request go through. In all three of the above places I had to do exactly that - which of course means you get a "random" input since you cannot predict which ones "goes through"

Sometimes I have to spam the button for 30 seconds or more to get it to accept -ANY- response. It was especially bad during Qs event.

So, the rotation on these needs to be MUCH slower to allow time for client->server responses on slower connections, or the tolerance for lag needs to be addressed behind the scenes via some sort of "signing" of responses.

Or you can just stop using the tech and put all of the chocies in a dialog box

Please fix this

(and no, its not an ISP issue, because the rest of the game is functioning as it has for the last year - perfectly fine)

In game Bug ticket ID# 1056429
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04-25-2015, 12:49 PM
4 years later still broken.

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