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Soooo, which of the new ship classes in development is going to the Advanced Heavy Escort role? The engies got the Excelsior class, the Sci guys got the Nebula class, where's the love for the Tac's? So far I've seen mention of, I believe, six new classes. Let's run this down now.
Prometheus: MVAM, almost certainly a VA retrofit.
Oberth: Science vessel. Another one.
Vesta: Could be the AHC. Could be. According to Memory Beta, it was state of the art for its time, and the only class that was able to mount an effective offensive against the Borg.
Ambassador: The Enterprise-C was one, if I'm not mistaken. Another cruiser, but damned if I can figure out where it goes in the tiers.
Future Enterprise: Which future enterprise? F? G? H? I? J? I'd submit that any ship named Enterprise automatically falls in the Cruiser category.
Unknown Andorian ship: No data, can't place it. However, Andorians were known to be an aggressive species in the TOS canon.
So out of those, the only potential I see for Advanced Heavy Cruiser is the Vesta class or possibly the Andorian ship.
DId I miss something important?

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