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# 1 An open letter to the STO team
02-13-2011, 03:25 PM
I know that I am probably well known as a big critic of the issues with sto and certain design decisions or indecisions. Or maybe I flatter myself and I am not known at all.

However, usually people address these things to dstahl as if he is the only member of the sto team doing good work, I am pretty sure that the team get a good laugh around the office, and chide mr. stahl over his popularity with the fan base, and how well received he has been.

But I digress, while I might be a big cynic and critic, I also like to give credit where credit is due.

So to the sto stahl AND the sto team, you guys have done a great job from bringing sto from the bare bones it was at launch to a decent playable game. Mr stahl's leadership had led a talented team to turn around a bad lot in development life to something to be proud of. By bad lot I mean the whole 2 year schedule and perpetual fiasco. Great content comes down the line, and many systems are being worked on which will improve the longevity of fun to be had with this game.

As much as a critic as I am, wherever I find a discussion on going about STO on another site, I always jump in and show much has changed/added/enhanced since launch.

But if I let you guys off easy, you'll stop working hard, so I can't let that happen, so where there are things to criticize I will do so with vigor cynicism and disgust, and hopefully try to add something constructive as well.

You guys have done great and I want you to keep pushing warp 9, don't stop.

my personal wish list for this year is

1: exploration revamp to be something I can log into every day which is fun, like how PVP is now, it's end game content that I am enjoying, but can get bored of fast, because simple matches can only go so far.

2: pvp end game territory wise, that is fun, not grindy and doesn't cause me to have to get up at 2a.m in the morning to defend my territory. So I'd like the territory game but designed in such a way that is different from eve and doesn't involve me putting my life into a game.

3: simulation elements, i.e. less instancing and more existing, meaning, if you go to you interior the outside world is still there and functioning.

my own personnel fear: that ships at tier 5 VA will become obsolete. Careful with ships and adding ships if people expect new toys every 3 months that can be tricky and mess up alot of other things, like pvp balance for one. I like the current system whereby you modify a few things, which would cause people to make their build around that modification, like how you have done the recent ships, the garumba, the d;kyr, the varanus, those are nice additions/toys to play with but do not break the mold and add something totally outregeous that everyone must use/have.

So be mindful of the ship thing!

And don't take criticism personal, in the end, we who criticize are still here playing, if we didn't care, we wouldn't post or play

as you were.

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