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Hopefully a Dev can comment on this proposal. I like, many other players, really enjoyed Mine Enemy. The combination of new art assets, career specific goals, story telling, level design, etc placed the episode well above other missions.

I would be interested in learning more about the development process leading up to its awesomeness. I think if Cryptic put together a short video or write-up detailing the thoughts and consideration of the development team before the release of each episode or weekly, you would not only up the hype for each episode/series, but you would share with the community the intentions and goals of each creative decision. This could have untold benefits in the quality of missions developed by the community in the foundry. I know there are tools missing from the foundry that the devs have access too, but I think its to everyone's advantage if more information was provided on how these technical foundry functions were utilized by the professionals at Cryptic.

It might be too late for a MINE ENEMY diary, but it still could be interesting. I say, looking forward, maybe include something like this in the run up to future episode series. I know this could be too ambitious and asking too much for each episode, so I would accept each series, but I say shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars! Let me know if this has been considered elsewhere or if Cryptic believes they cover this aspect of PR another way.
Lt. Commander
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02-13-2011, 11:30 PM
I want it to be hence known that I whole-heatedly support this idea!

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