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# 1 Ten Forward Mafia [RP]
12-17-2010, 04:49 AM
[[different Charatcer speech in different colours]

*cue camera shot of phone booth in an industrial area, car roars past*

I've been gone way too long. You know, I'd like to reminisce, Paul, but I've got people to see. Ok, see you in the Manhatten Bar, 7 tonight? Ok, see you then. *puts phone back on latch*

*car pulls up, driver's door opens* Mr Manchino?
The Boss wants to see you. And she ain't too happy.
*opens car door and Mr Manchino gets in, Ms. Francessca right next to him*

How many years has it been, Harry? 3, 4....dare I say it....5?
As I recall, I was drafted in '42
*car lurches round corner*
You know why you've been brought back. We're on the eve of change here in New Haven. Rats and snitches are everywhere. You we're one of the few we could trust. Would you like you're old job back?
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12-17-2010, 08:32 AM
(Non-important chars. in white)
*Outside the Andellioni compound*
"So Raul, ya think it's gonna go down tonight?"
"Nah. It's too soon. The Don will make his decision when he wants to."

(Raul sees a car lurch around a corner)
"Gese, can't people learn to drive in this neighbohood?"

*Inside the Don's office*
*The Don is talking on the phone*
"I already told you, I don't care how many turtles you've kicked, if ya wanna stay in businuess here, ya gotta pay up, capish?"
"I- I got ya! I'll pay, just don't hurt me!"
"Good man. I'm glad you saw reason."
*Hangs up the phone*
"Yea, boss?"
"Send Big Mikey out. I want to ensure this gets done."
*"Fat" Ceshmia nods and walks out of the room, the Don looks out the window, and the camera zooms out*
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# 3
12-17-2010, 04:43 PM
((secret messages in black?))
*Kieth Andrews' day started normal enough. He got dressed; suit pants, belt, his good shirt, bow-tie, a tweed jacket. Turning to the mirror in his apartment he spent some time getting his hair just right and then crowned himself with his favorite hat. The sun shown brightly through the window casting a warm glow on the table as he quickly ate his breakfast and breezed over the newspaper. He was to meet some important people today and first impressions are crucial, or so he'd been told.
With a skip in his step Kieth leaves the apartment, merrily locking the door behind him. As he approaches the curb and starts down the sidewalk a Car Lurches Around the corner and continues down the street hitting a standing puddle of water from the night before. The resulting wave reminded Kieth of a roosters tail for a moment, just before it drenches him. Blowing the excessive moisture from his face he lets out a little exasperation.*


*And goes back inside to start his dressing routine over again*
((I was being silly about the black text thing))
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# 4
12-17-2010, 08:02 PM
*Big Mikey, otherwise known as Michal Vishidioni, was one of the most feared men in the Fresco district of New Haven. A feared enforcer for the Andellioni Family, Michal commanded almost as much respect as the family's consigliere, Mark Franks, an expert lawyer. But now, Big Mikey stopped his reminescing, and pulled out his snubnose. He had work to do.*

"Well well, Mr. Jhonson. The Don sends his regards." *Points gun* "So where's his money? You'rre not showing the Don much respect"

"I got it, I got it. I-it's in the back. Let me get it"

"Nice try, but I've had guns pulled on me before that way. Raul, search the back, break the register if necessary. Thank you for your continued co-operation, Mr. Jhonson. If there IS, a serious problem with your stores' profits, I'm sure the Don would be more than happy to come here and meet with you. Have a nice day."

*That's how it gets done in this town, Mikey thought. Show your respect, and you're rewarded. Don't, and... not so much. He smiled inwardly at the thought*
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# 5
12-18-2010, 01:23 AM
*phone ringing as we see Mr Manchino in his house, fast asleep*
*gets up to answer phone*
Leo, it's Guiseppe. I...
It's early! What do you want?
*line goes quiet for a few seconds*
I'm in a small cafe down the road. The red one on the corner, next to that clothing shop with the girl you've got an eye for.
* Leo Manchino sighs*
I'l; come round in a few minutes. Let me get dressed. And you'd better have coffee.
13 minutes later...
Listen, the Andellioni's are recieving a delivery today. Incospicuous. Coming through the docks. We need to get in and see what they're dealing in. And soon.
And why me?
You're new. Unknown to the Andellioni's. Nobody'll be suspicious of you. We got you a fake papers and a small truck. You're going to be delivering some of New Haven's finest furniture to a small yacht that we've been holding there for a few days.
What have I gotta do?
All you gotta do is drive round and park up. You'll enter the yacht, and some men will start helping you unload. They'll be ours. When it's time, the ship carrying the goods will be deserted, around hgalf 10 when the dockers go on a break. You'll have an oppertune moment to sneak in a nd snoop around.
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12-19-2010, 04:48 PM
*The Don is sitting in his room, thinking about tomorrow's delivery. The Andellionis had been in busnuess with the Brazinilis for 10 years, shipping rigged gambling machines from New York for the Brazinilis for a pice of the action. This would be the last delivery, and the Don of the Brazinili family would come with it. Well, the Brazinilis almost, almost, caused Don Andellioni to go out of busnuess, with that s*** he pulled a few years back. No one crosses me like that, Don Andellioni thought. Action needs to be taken*

Ah, Jonathan Remishi, my trusted Consigliere. What brings you here?

Jon had been Consigliere to Don Andellioni until after Don Brazinili almost sold out the Andellionis to a Fed agent. Jon had left his employ after that, and Don Andellioni let him; after all, he had a good reason. But now he was back.

Well, I heard you don't have the feds on ya anymore, sos I decided to come back, cousin.

Anyway, enough with the banter. Don Brazinili's comin tonight with the last shipment. I haven't forgoten about that time all those years back. It's high time he payed. We're gonna make sure that when he goes to sleep tonight, he has some nice fish friends to keep him company. But if he sees any of the caporegime there, he'll bolt. However, I know a guy who he won't suspect. We'll have PLENTY of our men there to cover him, and the Don won't get upset at that; he knows what he did.

So who's your man, boss?

You ever handled a gun before?

*The don slid a sniny new magnum across the table*

The boat's due in at 6 tonight. Don't forget that there are other families here. If they want to butt in, that's fine, but if you see any of 'em, while the confusion ensues, shoot the Don first. In case things get real messy, I've got Mikey and Lucas on sniper support.

*Suddenly, Jon's night got a little longer...
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12-19-2010, 10:43 PM

*As the Don passes Mikey and Lucas in the living room, Mikey hands the Don the money, while the Don gives Lucas and Mikey their rifles, and tells them where to wait.*
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12-20-2010, 03:01 PM
*Second sidenote*

"So, Raul."
"So, Paul."
"You'd think that ship would've gotten here by now."
"Shut up Paul. It's enough waiting around here in the cold without you complaining."
"So... You wanna play cards?"
"Russian Roulette?"
"..... What the **** kind of idea is that?!?"
"So no?"
"Every time we see a duck fly by, take a drink?"
*Holds out beer bottle*
"Now you're talken!"

*For the next hour, no ducks fly by.*
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12-21-2010, 06:21 AM
*outside the yacht, Harry Manchino and Luca Ferrero are talking *
When do we strike?
As soon as the boat arrives. Damn this autumn weather. It's freezing.
I just hope we can do it right. What's the plan?
Simple. Upon the cranes there's our snipers. There's a crack team of us hiding in this yacht. The van you're driving will be loaded with a small selection, and you will park it, rear facing, not too far from the main entrance to the ship. When the right moment strikes, we will launch and shoot the hell outta 'em. Raid the ship, see what's going on, and then blow the ship to smithereens.
*ships move in background*
****, it's here. Quick!
I'll start the van
*Harry gets into the van and starts the engine, Luca bangs the Yacht side, and a team of 6 men clamber out and go into the back of the van, carring a few boxes of equipment*
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12-21-2010, 12:41 PM
Originally Posted by spartan844

*As the Don passes Mikey and Lucas in the living room, Mikey hands the Don the money, while the Don gives Lucas and Mikey their rifles, and tells them where to wait.*
"Alright, everyone, get ready!"

Jon saw the boat come. It was time

Raul and Paul checked their Tommy Guns

Gary loaded up his 12-guage

Mikey and Lucas were on the roof with their rifles

Daren looked at his molotov's one more time

And the armored car with 10 other Andellionis and a mounted MG waited in the shadows

Everything was ready

5 minutes later, Don Brazinili stepped out of his boat, unaware of what was going on. He had brought but two guards with him. What a fool move for one of the toughest men in New York.

"So ya have my stuff?", Don Brazinili said.

"Right here", Jon said

And he shot him in the face, as the guards were gunned down.

Daren chucked a molotov at the boat's bridge for good measure.

"Okay. Get to the harbormaster's hut. Erase the logs of the ship coming, and report that she called in a mayday and sank 20 miles up. Then take her out to the Deep Bay and sink 'er there. It's a hundred feet deep there, and only 10 feet off the coast.

Suddenly, though, Jon saw a glistening movement at the yaht at the next pier.

And the Andellionis dove for cover while Daren's last action was chucking his last Molotov's

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