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This is pretty minor I suppose; but it's... annoying; and annoying is generally not good; so I figured I'd bring it up.

Namely: If you're completely re-doing a BO's skills away from the direction you currently have them specced, then you wind up in this oddball situation:

1) You want to train them in the use of a level 3 skill your captain can train, but does not yet have the ability to train. Thus you must respec to train it.

2) You also want to put skill points in so that that skill is effective. However you cannot see what skills impact it because the drop-down menu only recognizes skills you already have access to.

So in order to figure this out you have to either A) Find a guide out of game (doable sure, but something that should not be required), B) train an old version of the skill, use that as a baseline, wasting the merits and skill points of the overwritten skill in the process or C) (if you don't think it through first) - Respec twice wasting a ton of merits.

None of this is 'game breaking' or anything, but it is irritating.


Err, the point I'm making really is this:

The skill page's UI could use more work. Specifically:

1) I'd like to see the drop-down altered into a small subset of tabs by profession and which environment that skill or attack is useable in.

2) The ability to see contributions from skills you do not have at the moment. Said skills would be listed but grayed out or otherwise show that you don't actually have them yet.


While related, this isn't to do with the skill page UI -

I'd also like some sort of "Holodeck Training Area" one could use to test out BO powers and kits before actually acquiring them. While it's not a huge deal with lower level ones, it can get rather expensive to do so if you say... want to determine if you want to invest in Sci-Team III or not.

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