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[spoilers for "Divide et Impera" and "Preemptive Strike"]

Personal log, stardate 88721.80:

I should have said something. I should have DONE something, sooner. The signs were there, I had my doubts, my suspicions, but I didn't act on them until it was too late.

Maybe it was that business with Drake, that I'm not allowed to talk about in my official log. If Starfleet Intelligence sanctions that sort of thing... No, that's just an excuse. Then, I was doing my duty. I was misled, yes, but I didn't do anything I shouldn't have. This time it was wrong, this time it was an illegal order, and I knew it. I should have said no, aborted the mission, and dragged her back to Starbase 39. Or tried. Then she'd have had to show her true colors, her plan would be busted, and some Romulan scientists and doctors might still be alive.

As it stands, she, it, is still out there somewhere, telling them... I don't know. What they want to hear, I guess. Can't be much worse than what we actually did.

Other than a few typically terse words from Admiral T'Nae, I haven't heard anything from Starfleet Command. Maybe they're still heating up the oil and making the list of charges. Or maybe they'd rather keep it quiet, how badly they got taken. How I got taken.


CMO's log, stardate 88726.24:

LTCMDR Sinclair still suffering from insomnia. Prescribed a sedative to stop him from self-medicating with Saurian brandy. Recommended again that he see the ship's counselor; I may have to make this a direct order.


Personal log, stardate 88734.63:

So it turns out the Romulans do have subspace weapons, only they were keeping them in the Rator system, not hidden inside crates of medical supplies at the Vendor outpost. Or they did, but the fleet and a commando team on the ground took care of that. And now Command wants to give me a full third pip for helping to stop a war I almost started.

I'll have to miss the awards ceremony. Maybe I can get a note from the doctor. Because if I have to stand up there with real heroes and be congratulated, after what happened to Selok - the real Selok - and her people, not to mention everyone on the San Jose who died cleaning up my mess... I think I really would be sick.

WILLIAMS: But if the cause be not good, the King himself hath a heavy reckoning to make...
(Henry V, IV.i)

SISKO: Wait 'til you get four pips on that collar. You'll wish you had gone into botany.
("Rules of Engagement", DS9 4x18)

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