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So I'm trying to sell alien artifacts, 150 of them, preferably in one big stack, 'cause I'm too lazy to post a bunch of small ones.

When I go to look at the prices on the exchange, it's been truncated. There are more than 400 stacks posted, and thus I can't see any of them with a price over 80k. In order to be the lower per unit price of the ones I can see, I would have to post it at 262500...which wouldn't sell because literally nobody could see it. So if I want to sell it, I have to break it down.

See the irony there? In order for them to be visible I have to break one big stack down into a lot of little stacks, because there are literally no filters that allow people to to see any more than the lowest priced 400. This means I have to break it down into at minimum five stacks of 30, if they're going to be even sized, thus making the problem even worse!

To top it can't use any less than 10 alien artifacts at a time, and that's the amount you need for most things you can make with them.

The first stack of 2 is the 107th item. The first stack greater than 2 is a stack of 4, which is the 136th item. The first stack of 10 is the 151st item.

So more than 1/3rd of the stacks showing up are a quantity too low to be useful, and most of them massively overpriced to boot! And, in fact, there are stacks smaller than 10 on EVERY SINGLE PAGE. The last single digit stack visible is a stack of 8 at position 396.

This is just a tad absurd. Almost the entire visible set of samples consists of quantities too small to be useful, with well over a quarter of them being single items (when the maximum stack size is 250). In addition, the vast majority of the visible samples are overpriced (the minimum visible is under 2000 per, with multiple others in the 2500-3000 range visible, along with others of 10000 per or greater).

The maximum stack size visible is 43.

Thus the limit is serving to clog up the market with non-filterable samples that nobody in their right mind is going to buy, at the expense of making it impossible to sell bulk packs (which would cut down on the number of items posted) thus forming a positive feedback loop.

Unless either more filter options are added(so we can filter out some of those useless sales to get the large packs under the 400 item limit), or the limit is lifted, this is going to be a growing problem that will cause an explosion in the number of stacks posted among the more common item types, but particularly samples.

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