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# 1 Camera
02-16-2011, 02:33 PM

Please could you put the follow camera type option in...

Chase, but then follow target, then when traget destroyed, automatically go back to chase. At the moment you cannot do chase and follow target, it is one or the other.

So either have to set it to chase and if the trage moves away from the front of my ship I lose visual. Or I have it set to follow target but then have to faf around with the mouse to move the camera bac kto chase position when un-targetting.

I wish this was automatic Camera set to chase, target someone and follow them, then when combat over camera moves back to chase view.

I believe there is a version of this, but you first have to move the camera to the chase position with your mouse and then you follow the target (camera type must be set to follow target) but take ages for the camera to re-set if it does at all.

I find it really disorientating when the target is detoryed and the camera stops moving whilst my ship is still turning etc.

Please Cryptic fix this.

Thank you.

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