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  • Adjusted the how frequently certain PA announcements play in Earth Space Dock.
  • The faction icon has been updated for Plasma Ball torpedoes.
  • The music in club 47 has been tuned.
  • Fixed issue with photon grenades not exploding.
  • The UI for reporting a UGC mission has been updated to inform players that you only report missions that violate the terms of service, not because you don’t like them or they’re non-functional.
  • Added a confirm dialog when reporting a UGC mission.
  • Jiro Sugihara will no longer offer a blank mission.
  • Players will no longer see the original ESD blink in for a moment when they map transfer to the Sol system.
  • Character Creation, Traits list - corrected font bug where selected trait was using the wrong font.
  • Stability Updates have been added to address the issues that resulted in last weekend’s instability.

  • Fixed TOS Type 2 phaser tooltip - The secondary setting was listed first and the primary attack listed second.
  • Updated the Cryo Grenade description to better explain what it does.
  • Reworked the Bio-Thermal Dampener effect to last longer but use a new effect that removes players’ ability to grief.

  • Gorn Varanus Science Ship:
    • Increased Vessel HP.
    • The size of the ship has been reduced.
    • Increased base Turn rate on Varanus Science Vessel to 11.
    • Increased Healing of Gorn Varanus Healing Drones.
  • Increased Deep Space Science Vessel base Turn Rate from 9 to 11.
  • Increased Vo'Quv Carrier base Turn Rate from 4 to 5.
  • Galaxy Retrofit can now launch its saucer while full impulse is active (still stops your ship temporarily while launching), and the saucer can remain launched if you enter full impulse.
  • Prometheus style escort ships will see some slight art changes around key junction points. These model changes were made to compensate for upcoming Multi-Vector Assault Mode so all customized variants will integrate properly with the IP version of the Prometheus.
  • Increased base Turn Rate of the Nebula Science Vessel both (Tiers) to 9. Increased the Tier 3 Nebula HP to 21000 Increased the Tier 3 Nebula HP to 31500

  • Fixed an issue where the Klingon replay contact for the Romulan featured series would send you to the fed mission if you hit the back button.
  • The Vault Updates
    • Changed text that refers to "access tunnel above us" to "across from us."
    • Fixed mission replay rewards for Vice Admirals.
    • Added a mission step for first-timers that requires them to go to shuttle requisitions; this step auto-completes for players who are replaying the mission.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing KDF players who left and came back to finish the end of the Vault later to have a Federation ship spawned in for "reinforcements."
    • Players entering part 3 ("Continue: Static") should now spawn at the correct point on the map.

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