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i decided to add a thread for this as i have spotted a few recently.
i will add more as i find them if the thread is still up (if that's ok mods ?)

please add your own if you know of any.

here goes:

1. the rather infamous "Item Type" "All" bug that will usually cost the unknowing a large amount of credits (an old one i know)

2. the only Mk XII starship weapons listed under and labeled Vice Admiral are, for some reason, Disruptor Beam Arrays. everything else is listed under and labeled Rear Admiral, Upper.

3. Quantum Torpedo Launchers Mk XII are text labeled and listed as Mk XI (only the actual dmg they do and icon numeral gives them away)

4. all "white" Common Dual and Dual Heavy Cannons are for some reason Bind on Equip, By comparison Cannon (singular) & turrets do not bind. (as is the case with normally with "white" Common items)

5. "white" Common Personal Armors Pollyalloy Weave Armor, Energy Dampening Armor & Physical Augmentation Armor are Bind on Equip. By comparison Recoil Compensating Armor, Integrated Targeting Armor & Energy Harness Armor do not bind (as is the case with normally with "white" Common items)

now to my mind these examples break conventions. in a couple cases i'm unsure what the convention should actually be but none the less they should all line up one way or another because otherwise imo it reflects badly on the game in certain situations (using the Exchange and seeing these anomalies and finding out items you didnt expect to bind do for example).

i hoping a dev or someone spots this thread and hands it off to whoever maintains the item database.

as i said at the start please add your own if you know of any.

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