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# 1 Bridge Officer Join/Train up
02-17-2011, 07:22 AM
It probably isn't that big a problem, but seeing as train up and join on the commission screen is next to each other, there are times you may pressed Join instead of train up too quickly, and there is no way to cancel once you click Join.

I have requested GM help on this matter, but all I get is a one sentence reply along the lines of 'we can't help you, sorry' and the ticket was marked as resolved... I mean wtf, IT IS NOT RESOLVED. The reply is pathetic at best.. I mean for god sake, I have never seen any GM in any other game who have NO power whatsoever to help either 1) revert the BOff to canddiate list; 2) train one of my officer with the power I stated and delete the joined BOff; or 3) give me a BOff with the skill stated and delete the joined BOff. I understand the GM have to go through a lot of tickets, but I get the feeling that my ticket wasn't taken seriously...

I hope Cryptic could look into adding a 'CANCEL' button for BOff joining screen, instead of one misclick and no going back!
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02-17-2011, 02:47 PM
Yeah, I can see how this could be a real pain.

Would it be too much trouble to have a button pop up with 'Are you sure? Click 'OK' to accept, or 'NO' to cancel'? That'd be a tiny change, and so easy to implement, but it'd reduce the number of accidents, I'm sure!
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# 3
02-18-2011, 01:37 AM
I think that any bridge officers on the roster that have not had any skill points spent on them should be able to train up the other bridge officers. Let us say that I have three engineers, two science officers, and one tactical officer. My first engineer does not have a good selection of passives(Bonus to kits, useless on BOFFs), but I really needed an engineer at the start of the game. I did not spend any points on him/her but my newer engineers are better as far as skills and passives. The thrid one has duplicate ensign space skill as the second. I should be able to use the first engineer to train up the second or third. The same should work for the science officers or tactical officers if I aquire more.

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