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Morning Everyone,

My Tactical Captain has been engaged in missions solo around the Alpha an Beta Quadrants but Strfleet thinks its time he become a team player. So to that end was wondering if there are any RP fleets out there that wouldn't mind accepting a novice RPer. I've seen a few listed here but I was wondering who else is out there that may be looking for a new player. I'd like to find an active fleet, but maybe not a huge one that enjoys their RP but also likes to chit chat out of character every now and then. Also, I'd really like to find a fleet that skews a little older. I'm 29 and am too young to start feeling old with a group of 18 year olds (no offense guys).

Thanks for looking in.
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02-20-2011, 08:14 AM
I would like to suggest the 7th Imperial Fleet. We are new and an RP fleet. Our theme is Terran Empire. We currently are beginning a story arc which will end with an RP reason for our fleet to be in the prime universe.

Currently we are small but are looking for more active players.

If your interested you can email me and we can meet up in game and talk and rp a little. You can also contact


Hope to hear from you soon

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